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Drew Barrymore admits that she was the “worst offender you could ever meet when it comes to sustainable living.” Speaking to Vogue, the Charlie’s Angels actress revealed that she was guilty of regularly using non-biodegradable products and leaving taps running and lights on overnight. So how exactly did she turn over a greener leaf? Well, that’s all thanks to her best friend and co-star, Cameron Diaz,

“I was doing the pilot of the talk show, and my best friend—not to name drop, Cameron Diaz—came on to support me and to try to get this show sold.

We should point out that Diaz had stepped away from the spotlight at the time, but she still flew in to support Barrymore.

“I was like, What can I do for her to show her how much I appreciated that?”

To show her thanks, Barrymore got down on one knee and made a commitment to Diaz to adopt more sustainable habits, which is something that Diaz is a strong advocate for and that’s where Barrymore’s sustainable journey began.

Now, chances are that you don’t have a blonde bombshell to make a sustainable proposal. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t make the same commitment that Barrymore did. In fact, Barrymore admits that turning green was an eye-opening experience. That said, she has a few tips on how you can start your own green journey.

Drew Barrymore’s Green Living Tips

1. Mindful consumption

“I was shocked when I saw a lot of the fast-fashion stories about where those clothes go. You can see companies responding to the outcry, which is good because all of these things contribute to less carbon footprint, less waste.” Drew Barrymore, Vogue

For Barrymore, mindful shopping and consumption are at the forefront of her sustainable habits. You’re likely to find the mother-of-two at a flea market or a thrift store, and thanks to the internet, it has become even easier to find different and unique items of clothing.

She also told Vogue that she has conquered her Styrofoam-cup habits and made the switch to reusable metal drinking cups. But wait, what’s wrong with Styrofoam cups, you ask?

drew barrymore


Well, for one, they’re not biodegradable, so that’s already an issue. Additionally, as they’re not biodegradable, the risk of animals mistaking them for food is increased, and if ingested, they can cause serious harm or death.

2. Conscious cleaner

“I am a big cleaner. I love cleaning. It’s so spiritual.” Drew tells Vogue, but as much as she enjoys cleaning, she soon realized that her cleaning habits aren’t exactly, well, ‘clean’ for the environment.

“The hardest thing in trying to give up plastic for me was actually giving up my bottles of liquid fabric softener. That one really killed me,” she says. She adds that dryer sheets are also serious offenders as they’re also made of plastic.

So, how have her cleaning habits changed?

The talk show host shares that she’s found a new passion for dryer balls, which are an environmentally friendly alternative to fabric softeners and dryer sheets. Not only are dryer balls reusable, but they are non-toxic as well.  Barrymore has also turned to sustainable detergent sheets that come in recycled-paper boxes.

Additionally, she’s also thrown out cleaning supplies that come in plastic bottles in favor of refillable glass spray bottles and one-ounce cleaning concentrates.

3. (Slowly) embrace plant-based eating

Did you know that Drew Barrymore didn’t eat meat until she was 26 years old?

“My mom did raise me eating fish, so I guess you could say I’m a pescatarian flexitarian. But every once in a while, I love a steak or a cheeseburger.

So I dabble. I like being a flexitarian because it’s not limiting, and it’s probably where most people are at.” Drew Barrymore, Vogue

Having gone without meat for so long, Barrymore admits that doing so was more challenging then than it is now,

“It was so hard to find anything to eat, and the world has really changed in incredible ways in the last three years,” she told Healthline. Barrymore believes that the more readily available options, the better people can make healthier eating choices for themselves.

Considering that she is a flexitarian, Barrymore insists that finding alternatives to meat-based products doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to remove foods that you find delicious. Rather, she advises that you find substitutes to fill the void that cutting out meat might make you feel.

drew barrymore


“The good news is you can literally go into more restaurants, fast food chains, and grocery stores and find more alternatives than ever before. You don’t have to be at exclusive, expensive health food stores to have that organic option,” Barrymore adds.

She also added that while it can be easy to put a lot of pressure on yourself when it comes to eating the right foods, it is best to “start slowly and be a flexible person about it.

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