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Wellness, the wine business, and motherhood are exactly what our blonde bombshell actress Cameron Diaz is focusing on. She’s been a bit quiet in Hollywood. However, she’s been working hard as a new mother and pursuing other business ventures. Diaz has been in the wellness space for a while now, but she’s going full force with it at the moment.

Five years ago, Cameron Diaz was one of the most A-list celebrities in the world. In 2014 alone, she was on the covers of Harper’s Bazaar, InStyle, Self, Marie Claire, and Esquire. And then all of a sudden she went very quiet on us. No more big movies or TV. It wasn’t until recently that we discovered Diaz is retired from her acting career. And during this time, her baby girl, Raddix Chloe Wildflower was born. We’ve been left to wonder what she’s been getting up to recently.

Last week, the actress and wellness author announced the release of Avaline. The new business venture is labeled as “clean wine.” Diaz says the new brand consists of white and rosé offerings crushed from organic grapes. The wine is also free of any undesirable ingredients such as sugars, colors, or concentrates. It seems that wine is a newly popular business venture for many, but Diaz’s motivations are quite unique. Along with co-founder Katherine Power, she hopes to steward new standards of transparency for American wine.

Wellness Businesswoman Makes Wine Healthy

The Hollywood leading lady broke into the health and lifestyle space back in 2013 with the release of The Body Book. And even as a new mom, she’s pursuing her passion for health and wellness. Diaz is helping women worldwide to improve their longevity. In this book, Diaz chronicles the connection between nutrition and well-being through scientific and personal anecdotes. It has quickly become a #1 New York Times bestseller.wellness queen Cameron Diaz [longevity live]

Although she’s now pretty wise when it comes to health, Diaz, like many other ladies, enjoys a good glass of wine. She explains that despite her healthy food choices, she’d remain blissfully unaware of exactly what she was drinking. Just like most other consumers who also drink wine. According to Forbes, this all changed after a fateful afternoon of sipping with her new friend and soon-to-be business partner almost three years ago.

Diaz explains that she has enjoyed wine for many years. No questions asked. She recalls thinking that wine was the most responsible alcohol choice because it was made with fermented grapes. Clearly, she had no idea about the process. Diaz adds that one of the first conversations she had with Katherine about making cleaner wine was “what are we going to add to it?” Shortly afterward, they realized that it’s not what you add, it’s what you don’t add.

The two ladies started their journey in 2018 where they uncovered everything they could about viticulture from production to distribution. Wellness queens soon realized that the overwhelming majority of wines were made without organic grapes and could be legally adulterated with dozens of chemicals and flavoring components. And to think so many of us casually sip on a glass of wine at night without even batting an eye-lid.

Sustainable And Healthy Wine

Wellness is an all-encompassing concept which means that it’s not just about the wine itself. We’ve also got to think about how the wine is manufactured and its farming practices. These methods can seriously impact the state of our planet. It was all the additives that wine contains which caught their attention. More importantly, the methods of wine are farmed.wellness queen Cameron Diaz Avaline Wine [longevity live]

Diaz tells Forbes that discovering this truth was quite infuriating. But this sudden awareness led the two to start proactively asking for clean and organic wines from their preferred retailers. Both wellness ladies recall being met with nothing more than eye-rolls everywhere from grocery stores to luxury hotels and restaurants.

After much trouble, they decided to take matters into their own hands. We are not surprised that their requests were met with confusion, because in the Western world it’s rare to find organic, natural products.  Diaz explains that they then decided on the style of wine they wanted to bottle. It would be a crisp and clean rosé and a mineral-forward, dry white. The two ladies then set about sourcing these. Both wellness queens were then led to family-run vineyards in France and Spain where their exacting specifications could be met.

Farming Techniques For Wine

Essentially, the way that the grapes are farmed to produce wine is the most important element.

Diaz adds that she could go on forever about the vineyards and the science of winemaking. Ultimately the most important thing to know is how the manufacturer farms the grapes. She adds that it was tough finding growers with aligned philosophies. In fact, it was one of the greatest challenges of the whole endeavor. Diaz says when you farm wine correctly from the beginning, you don’t have to make up for mistakes with unnecessary additives.

However, you still need a wine that tastes delicious, and apparently, Avaline is. The wellness queens have achieved this crucial objective. White is crisp and refreshing and pairs perfectly with summertime seafood and freshly-grilled poultry. The wellness wine should be served chilled. The rosé has melon and strawberry notes familiar to Provence-style examples, though this one comes with a zesty and slightly tangy finish. Both bottles will retail online at and at select retailers in 43 states plus D.C., for a suggested retail price of $24.

Life As A Wellness Mom Under Quarantine

Even for wellness pros like Diaz, recent quarantining hasn’t been easy on anyone. But, it’s posed an extra challenge for many parents, including new moms like Cameron Diaz. We’re in awe of Diaz right now because she’s a new mom, surviving a pandemic, and rolling out incredible business ventures. And these business ventures are all for our general wellbeing in terms of health and our planet. Who wouldn’t enjoy a healthy glass of wine to blow off some steam now and then? But just like all of us, Diaz is human and has admitted that it’s been tough to get used to having a baby at home during these unprecedented times.

More Time To Spend

Diaz explains that the journey has been crazy because she and her husband have been doing it all on their own from the very beginning. She says that they had a night nurse for a few weekends. But that was just before the pandemic happened. This was to help them over the weekend just to get some sleep. Despite the unexpected craziness of raising a newborn during a pandemic, there’s a silver lining. Diaz points out that the pandemic has given her so much more time to spend with her newborn and her husband.wellness queen Cameron Diaz new-born baby [longevity live]
In terms of wellness, Diaz also explains that it’s the perfect time to focus on yourself. Think about it. You don’t have to go to work, because you can just work from home. So although these times are stressful and uncertain for most of us, we need to value the opportunities it presents us with. For example, more valued time to spend with your family and possibly the time to pursue your dream business venture.

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