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Many of us tend to look to celebrities for advice and even to ascertain what the next big thing is likely to be. Of course, celebs are also great for providing us with hours of entertainment as we watch our favorite show or movie. But they’re also amazing for boosting brands,  especially smaller brands and start-ups. And having a big name behind a brand can really boost these brands to widen their reach and increase distribution. These are some of the vegan brands that your favorite celebrities are backing and investing in. 

Celebs back the big players: Impossible Foods™ and Beyond Meat 

Leonardo Dicaprio

Impossible foods™ is a brand on a mission when it comes to saving the planet. And they’re doing it one plate at a time by making “delicious meat, fish, and dairy products, from plants, so you can eat what you love, and save the planet that you love”.

Whether the celebs are vegan or not, many huge names in the business have invested in either impossible foods or Beyond Meat. Some have even invested in both, and it’s likely that the rise of these incredible vegan options has a lot to do with celebs like Jay-Z, Trevor Noah, Katy Perry, Phil Rosenthal, Jaden Smith, Ruby Rose, and Serena Williams putting their money where their mouth is when it comes to these, now large scale and well-known brands. 

Beyond Meat, which specializes in vegan meat alternatives and has since won awards for its “plant-based mock meat products” is, no doubt, a major player in the vegan “meat” game.

They describe their mission as being “to create delicious, nutritious, sustainable protein so that you can Eat What You Love™, no sacrifice required”. Like Impossible Foods, they boast a massive celebrity backing, including, perhaps most famously, Leonardo DiCaprio. Bill Gates is also a major investor, but more public investments by celebs include the likes of Snoop Dogg, Chris Paul, and DeAndre Hopkins.

Beyond Meat is also famously popular with pro athletes, which has also aided in boosting its reputation and increasing its brand footprint. 

A major shift from Quorn®

The UK-based brand has been around for a long time – in fact, it was first launched way back in the 60s. This was well before Veganism and Vegetarianism became popular on a large scale as they are now.

Drew Barrymore I celebs

Image via @quornusa

The brands say that its “mission to get more people into delicious meat-free meals, to provide healthy food for people and the planet and to kick start a movement because together, our food choices can create a healthier planet”. 

Now, the brand is re-evaluating its long-popular formulas and “working on reformulating several of its chicken products to remove the eggs and dairy”. And to boost this already major brand and kickstart its foray into changing its products, well-known celeb Drew Barrymore came on board as the CMO (Chief Mom Officer; read face) of the brand.

Barrymore’s involvement also aims to reach the large US market and expand the brand. 

Cameron Diaz launches Avaline 

Image from Getty images

There’s no doubt that launching your own wine label is very much reserved for celebrities. Most wine labels are well established and already boast a large consumer base.

But unlike other celeb endeavors, Diaz’s wine does offer something different. The brand says that its “mission is to champion a new standard of wine by making clean wine accessible to everyone”.

All the wines from the brand are both organic and vegan and the brand boasts a selection of whites, reds, and even bubbly. Prices are on the steeper side, ranging between $24-26 per bottle. 

Clevr Brands is backed by Megan Markle

Yep, you heard right, Clevr brands are backed by none other than Megan Markle, Duchess of Sussex. It’s a women-led wellness brand based in California and the startup is flourishing.

The brand explains that its major focus is on wellness and that stems from its sourcing “where ethical, transparent supply chains are [its] foundation”. When you purchase from the brand’s website, you are also able to help “as 1% of every Clevr purchase is donated to a nonprofit of your choice”. 

The product range is made up of oat-milk-based lattes that simply require the addition of water and a quick shake. The flavors available include Matcha, Chai, Golden, and Rose Cocoa, all of which are “infused with adaptogenic mushrooms and probiotics to add more than just a caffeine boost”. 

Partake Foods is one inspiring brand you need to know about

Perhaps one of the most inspiring brands on the list, Denise Woodard, who launched the brand, is the first black woman to raise $1 million for a CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods) startup.

She created a brand that boasts allergen-friendly cookies and baking mixes. And she’s been backed by big celebs
such as Jay-Z, Rihanna, and H.E.R. The original reason behind this venture was to create “a treat her daughter could safely enjoy”. Since the company’s launch in 2018, it has extended the range substantially and it now includes a wide range of cookie flavors, a brownie and blondie mix, pizza dough, and a 5-in-1 all-purpose baking mix. 

Daily Harvest gets some serious celeb star power behind it


It’s no secret that most of our favorite celebs lead very busy lives, but they’re hardly alone. These days, most of us are stretched for time on a daily basis and Daily Harvest knows that this can lead to eating unhealthy, pre-prepared, or takeaway foods.

The brand creates chef-crafted food that is both delicious and easy to prep. It’s also made from “sustainably sourced fruits and veggies”. The brand is “committed to a better food system, one that prioritizes human and planetary health”.

Founded by Rachel Drori, the aim of the brand was to create better for you, frozen foods that are delivered to your door and ready in a matter of minutes. 

All the foods from Daily Harvest are nutrient-dense and quick and easy to prepare. The brand offers breakfasts, lunches, and dinners, all of which are delivered directly to your door to make it much easier to eat healthily. Big celeb names including Hilary Duff, Serena Williams, Shaun White and Bobby Flay have all invested in the company and there’s no doubt that Daily Harvest seems to be on an upwards trajectory. 



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