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We’re constantly bombarded with the benefits of including CBD in your wellness routine. Whether it’s CBD oils or gummies, the world is obsessed with all things cannabinoid.
Now why we can’t take away the effectiveness of CBD in your life, we should also point out that there’s a new wellness ingredient in town and frankly, there’s just something magical about those functional mushrooms.

What are functional mushrooms?

There are thousands of species of mushrooms, and of those that are edible, a small amount is thought to provide benefits that go beyond meeting nutritional needs. In fact, these mushrooms are thought to provide functional benefits that include improved immune health, reduced stress, and higher energy levels.

Now while I’ve heard about functional mushrooms, I’ve never had the opportunity to try them. Luckily for me, the South African brand Goodmind opened the way for my journey with functional mushrooms.

functional mushrooms

Goodmind Functional Mushrooms

My journey with functional mushrooms

For their products, Goodmind uses a blend of three different types of adaptogenic mushrooms: Lions Mane, Cordyceps, Reishi. The products come in the form of capsules, and you are advised to take 2 daily with food.

These mushrooms have been found to benefit the body in a number of ways, so what effect did they have on me?

I was less anxious

Considering the time that we live in, coupled with never-ending work deadlines, it’s pretty stressful being me. As such, I’m always interested in new methods that can alleviate my anxiety, and I’ve clearly found one.

A few days after I began taking the capsules, I soon noticed that I wasn’t as anxious as I usually am, especially following stressful situations. Granted, I still had concerns, but the anxious feelings that often accompany them weren’t as present.

Goodmind Functional Mushrooms

Perhaps I had begun to have a better grasp of my anxiety, but research suggests that the mushrooms may be to blame. According to a study published in Biochemistry and Biophysics Reports, reishi mushroom may help to deal with anxiety and depression.

I was more focused

Considering my profession, I need to be able to keep focused throughout the day. Unfortunately, my concentration span does need a bit of work. Now imagine my surprise when I realized that I was becoming more attentive to my tasks.

Studies have indicated that Lion’s mane can help protect against cognitive decline, particularly those linked to Alzheimer’s. Now, while my age currently prevents me from being at risk for neurodegenerative diseases, it’s clear that the mushroom capsules have a lot of brainpower to give.

I had more energy

Sugar gives us energy? Nope, that’s mushrooms.

In addition to my improved focus, I also noticed that I had a lot more energy than usual. This may have something to do with the fact that my anxiety wasn’t keeping me down, but it could also be because cordyceps has been found to have anti-fatigue effects (1).

Nonetheless, my heightened energy levels meant that I was on top of my fitness game, and this in turn helped to keep me healthy.

What’s the verdict?

As I said, there’s something magical about those mushrooms. They improved my focus, energy, and anxiety, which in turn improved my overall health

Want to know more?

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