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Deriving its origin from sustainably harvested Beech Wood Trees, the bio-based fiber known as Modal is the cutting-edge fabric that is spearheading the latest innovation in the fashion and retail industry globally. This extremely soft textile is a natural semisynthetic material made by transforming the liquid found in the Beech Wood tree bark using an environmentally-friendly process. Jockey South Africa is leading the charge in South Africa on the ‘green fashion’ front by introducing some garments and upcoming ranges that use Modal fabrics. 

General Manager for Jockey South Africa, Bruce McMurray explains, “As a company, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of innovation to give our customers the best possible quality products that they love. Part of this innovation is ensuring that our products adhere to the strictest quality controls, as well as incorporating sustainable production methods in our factories.”

“These measures have resulted in massive savings in electricity, water usage, and wastage. We are introducing in our garment ranges the use of Lenzing Modal, a trademark brand that specializes in sustainable and environmentally-friendly production processes. Lenzing reuses and recycles about 80% of the solvents used in the production process and converts them into non-toxic goods such as cleaning products. The emphasis is on clean manufacturing and sustainable harvesting.”

The takeaway

Exquisitely soft to the touch, Modal fiber is lightweight and flexible, yet strikingly durable, preventing rigidity after washing. Modal yarn is also naturally breathable and 50% more water-absorbent than cotton. The benefit to this is that it keeps the wearer of the garment cool throughout the day and night and prevents sweating and moisture from being trapped, which can cause skin irritation. Furthermore, it won’t shrink like 100% cotton products, giving the wearer peace of mind that their garment won’t lose shape. 

Added benefits of this breakthrough fiber are its superior durability over yarns such as Viscose and Rayon which are also created from wood pulp. However, they are not sourced from a specific tree type. In its ability to hold dye more easily, it will keep colors vibrant even after multiple washes. Modal can also be blended with other fibers such as cotton and spandex for extra strength.  

“In staying true to our brand ethos of providing quality products to our clients, we’ve chosen Lenzing Modal for its silky natural softness, comfort, and efficient moisture management. All these features, and more, will be key components of a potential new Modal range we are exploring to launch to the public in the first quarter of 2023,”  ends McMurray.


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