Longevity LIVE Paid Content. The brain is like a muscle. If you feed it the right nutrients and if you give it enough exercise, it stays strong. If you neglect it or if you overwork it without giving it enough rest, it wears out. And as you age, you need more care.

It’s the part of our body that we need for everything else to function, and yet, it’s the part of our body that we tend to take for granted the most. You know that your back will give out if you work it all day without rest. You know that you’ll lose muscle mass if you neglect protein in your diet. But we tend to treat our brains as if they’re invincible.

We skip sleep, we subject ourselves to more stress than is necessary, and we put very little thought into cerebral health when deciding what we’re going to eat.

To keep your brain fighting fit, it is important to get enough sleep, stay hydrated, keep your brain strong with mental stimulation, and keep your body healthy in support of your brain. It’s also important to eat right. Here are some of the quality ingredients you need to stave off mental fatigue:

Here are some of the quality ingredients you need to stave off mental fatigue:

Vitamin B

What you’re looking for is going to be vitamins B12, B6, and B9. You’ll find these in a lot of energy drinks, but it’s best to look for sources that aren’t loaded with sugar and corn syrup. Vitamin B helps your body to process homocysteine, an amino acid that tends to concentrate in the bloodstream and clog your arteries. Better circulation = better cognitive ability.


One of the biggest problems your brain faces is inflammation. This affects your whole body, and especially your brain. Antioxidants work as anti-inflammatories, helping to reduce inflammation and improve memory and focus.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D works as a neurosteroid, helping to boost your brainpower. It also helps with calcium balance, regulates genes that help the brain function, and works as a neuroprotective agent.

Omega 3

This is the fatty acid that you’ll find in fish like salmon, cod, and tilapia, as well as walnuts. Fish oil has been seen to help combat depression and memory loss. One of the ways in which Omega-3 helps the brain is that it essentially serves as the building tissue for brain and nerve cells. What steak does for your biceps, fish does for your brain.

By working these ingredients into your diet, you may be able to stave off mental fatigue. You may feel sharper and more focused throughout the day.

You could even slow the rate of cognitive deterioration that we all have to deal with as we get older. Combine this with sleep, exercise, mental stimulation, and hydration, and you may find that you simply feel smarter than you ever have in your life.

A great way to get all of these ingredients without a lot of hassle: Herbalife products. MemoryArmor in particular contains bacopa, which has been used in Indian medicine for centuries and has certain nootropic (brain-boosting) properties and works as an adaptogenic, meaning that it can help your body to manage the stress that chips away at your cognitive functioning. MemoryArmor also uses vitamins B and D and antioxidants to help keep you sharp.

There’s no substitute for a healthy lifestyle. You need exercise, you need rest, and you need to eat well. And once you have all of that sorted, Herbalife ingredients can help you make the most of it.

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