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Trendy foods on Instagram always look so appetizing! Every time I find myself scrolling, I end up drooling all over my screen. The only issue with all these anti-inflammatory ‘health’ foods is how many of us are allergic to them without knowing about it. As each day passes, there’s a new intolerance on the news. The new hype is on ‘histamine foods’ which are believed to help alleviate certain allergies. However, some people are just as allergic to these!
Have you ever experienced days when you randomly experienced weird bodily reactions? They often happen out of nowhere. Physical symptoms like random headaches, anxiety or rashes. Have you ever experienced a flush face when you drink a glass of wine or cider? What about irregular menstrual cycles? I often get a runny nose or an itchy tongue whenever I eat eggplants, bananas, and sometimes avocados. If this is you too, then you might be somebody who has a histamine intolerance. Perhaps not all trendy foods will always be the best choice for you.
This is why you get people who follow highly specific diets. For example, those who follow a Paleo diet are suspicious that they are allergic to foods containing histamine. According to an article published by Refinery 29, histamine is a naturally occurring chemical found in some foods and in our bodies. However, professors have found that there is no scientific research that shows that individuals respond uniquely to different histamine trendy foods.
Still, a reaction is a reaction. And if you experience harmful symptoms after consuming food then you must avoid it. But, why do so many people despise histamine foods? There must be more behind this theory.

Trendy Foods For Allergies

Many of us are allergic to some kind of food option. If you’re not too sure what histamines are then let me explain. Histamine is a chemical involved in your immune system, digestion, and central nervous system. In addition, it’s also a neurotransmitter and communicates important messages from your body to your brain. MindBodyGreen states that it’s also a component of stomach acid, which is what helps you break down food in your stomach.

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When histamine is present in your body it causes an instant inflammatory response. This happens as your immune system’s method is to notify the bodies of potential attackers. Moreover, histamine constantly circulates throughout your body affecting your gut, lungs, skin, brains, and cardiovascular system. This can cause a variety of problems which makes it very challenging to pinpoint and diagnose when you start experiencing weird reactions.

Allergies And Histamines Are Hard To Track

It’s quite a tricky situation. Although there are many anecdotal reports about histamine allergies, there isn’t enough information available to prove it. We do have the numbers though and this must stand for something. A number of people have expressed that they experience an adverse reaction to certain so-called ‘histamine trendy foods.’

It’s challenging for doctors because there isn’t enough evidence to substantiate these claims. In fact, research on food intolerances is lacking in general, according to Refinery 29. Experts explain that the main theory behind histamine intolerance is that some people lack the proper enzymes needed to break down or process it. It’s very similar to lactose intolerance. However, none of these theories have been proven scientifically.

If you are one of those experiencing a histamine reaction, then these are some of the symptoms you might encounter.

Trendy Foods and Histamine Symptoms

Many patients report that their reactions to certain ‘histamine foods’ are often very similar to seasonal allergies. These symptoms include sneezing, itching, hives, and watery eyes. However, Refinery 29 explains that those who think they are histamine intolerant might also experience diarrhea, a headache, asthma, flushed skin, wheezing, abdominal cramps, itching, and hives.

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Here’s the catch. Remember that rule about moderation? Yup! You need to watch how much trendy foods and histamine prevent meals you consume. Everyone will have a bad reaction if they eat too much of it. According to the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunologyconsuming large quantities of histamine can be toxic to everyone, despite their tolerance level. Interestingly, histamine toxicity is also a form of food poisoning caused by eating spoiled fish.

That’s why doctors often confuse histamine toxicity for a fish allergy, because it results in the same kind of symptoms, like flushing, nausea, burning in the mouth, and headache.

Other trendy food histamine symptoms include:

  • Headaches/migrainestrendy foods [longevity live]
  • Difficulty falling asleep, easily arousal
  • Hypertension
  • Vertigo or dizziness
  • Arrhythmia or accelerated heart rate
  • Difficulty regulating body temperature
  • Anxiety
  • Nausea, vomiting
  • Abdominal cramps
  • Flushing
  • Nasal congestion, sneezing, difficulty breathing
  • Abnormal menstrual cycle
  • Hives
  • Fatigue
  • Tissue swelling

Histamines And Trendy Foods To Watch Out For

Experts state that when food ripens and ages, biogenic amines like histamine heighten. Therefore, you’re very likely to find histamine in fermented foods like wine and cheese. In addition, you will also find histamine in fermented foods including kimchi, pickles, and cured meats.
We are still uncertain about how to measure exactly how much histamine trendy foods contain. Mainly because the amounts can vary depending on how long they have been preserved. According to Refinery 29, some people also claim that certain foods can naturally be ‘histamine liberators.’ This means that trendy foods like avocados, citrus fruits, and eggplants release histamine. Unfortunately, there’s no scientific proof that this is the case. Moreover, other people swear that egg whites and chocolate are histamine bombs and should be avoided.

So, What Do You Do If You Think You’re Histamine Intolerant?

The issue with this is that people tend to plunge into a ‘histamine-free’ diet based on trendy foods they find on Instagram. Whilst it’s important to avoid foods that harm your body, this can be highly restrictive. If you’re not careful you might end up with malnutrition.

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Go and Google histamine diets right now. You will see that most internet searches will tell you to stay clear of all foods containing histamine. Yet, we all know that it’s never a good thing to follow an extremely restrictive and limiting diet. Following a low-histamine diet for a long time could reduce your quality of life significantly. Personally, I think the best option is to avoid trendy foods that give you the worst symptoms or take an antihistamine before eating it to help reduce the nasty symptoms. Just don’t go and cut out everything in your diet entirely!
However, it’s a different story if you know that certain trendy foods make you feel sick every time you consume them. This is serious and should be a clear sign that you need to visit an allergist or doctor who can test for food allergens and diagnose you appropriately.

What Your Friends Say Isn’t Always True

I do think that certain people have become paranoid about allergies. Many are posting about their food intolerance, and it makes others think that they are also allergic. However, just because your friends are posting about having a histamine intolerance or allergy doesn’t necessarily mean you do as well.
If you are suspicious of an allergy then try to go through a process of elimination in your diet gradually. Then slowly reintroduce it back into your diet. Try not to just cut out everything. You don’t have to get rid of trendy foods forever, it might just be for now. Your histamine levels might return to their optimal ranges. It all depends on your body. Just be patient and learn as much as you can about your body’s needs.

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