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South Africa: The 34-year-old Cape Town-based model Roxy Louw has been hard at work preparing for season 10 of the much-anticipated Tropika Island of Treasure All-Stars.

The daughter of Springbok Rob Louw, is one of the featured All-Stars chosen to compete in this year’s challenge, which includes celebrities such as Khanya Mkangisa, Karlien van Jaarsveld, Jonathan Boynton-Lee, Nay Maps, Maurice Paige, Kelly Khumalo, Brendan Peyper and Shashi Naidoo. Longevity Live spoke to her for #WellnessWednesday on @longevity_live on Instagram live.

This season features a line-up made up of much-loved celebrity winners and viewer favorites from the previous nine seasons. Actor and musician Anga ‘NaakMusiq’ Makubalo has also been announced as the host.

Roxy joins a bevy of celebrities to compete for the ultimate prize

The show will see South African celebrities teaming up with contestants in paradise to win a cash prize.

“It’s going to be really interesting as the last one I was on was season 1. Now it’s really well put together, the games are quite hectic.

I know they have guys from Survivor setting up the games and there’s quite a lot of fitness and full day of shooting. So, I have to be on a good fitness level to my understanding.”

Roxy Louw is an exceptionally talented South African surfer and leading model. She has been selected as “FHM 100th edition golden girl” and won the “FHM 100 sexiest woman”.

Roxy’s Wellness Rules

She speaks candidly about her healthy eating choices, as well as how she manages to stay fit and sane despite the jet-setting life she leads.Roxy Louw

Follow a healthy diet and exercise

The model explains that from an early age, she became disciplined about exercise. She played hockey at school and excelled. Her surfing career also demanded a high and consistent level of fitness.

The same discipline applies to the food she eats, although the model admits it took her a few years to find an eating plan that suited her demanding schedule. The foundation of which lies in having an abundant outlook and being balanced in everything she does.

“Over the years I have followed so many diets. More recently I feel like I’m in the best shape yet. I feel like, I don’t have any strict rules, I guess. It’s just having the abundance mindset, living a balanced life.

I am naturally fast in the morning, so I go to the gym first thing when I rise, a bit of journaling and meditating. Go to the gym. I start my day at about 11. My philosophy on food and meals is a balanced plate, quartering everything, quarter meat, quarter starch and half veggies.”

Roxy Louw2. Beware hidden toxins

Roxy explained that her father, well-known rugby player Rob Louw,  had a terrible cancer scare that challenged her. While supporting him through his struggle, she learned more about nutrition and what impact it plays on a person mentally and physically.

She researched claims about certain foods and ingredients that are toxic. Fortunately, these claims aren’t supported by science yet, however, there are few ingredients that may be harmful, particularly when consumed in large amounts.

“I stumbled across the toxic and chemicals, through toxic mould syndrome which is another thing, which we don’t take into consideration and through that detoxification process I came across the chemicals and started studying deeper and deeper.

I started looking into chemicals in the food and in our skincare. They are absorbed, which we somehow have to breakdown and creates brain fog.”

For more on toxic substances, refer to the article below

3. Live with an abundant mindset

Finally,Roxy shared that she owes her growing success and fulfillment to developing an abundant mindset.

In addition to her healthy habits, Roxy lives by a daily philosophy of “Having the abundant mindset to get the returns, it could be in nature. Going out in nature and seeing that abundance, it just mentally puts you in a lovely space and allows you to receive more”.

Roxy LouwShe says she discovered that if you choose to walk along the path of abundance, you will experience a completely different life. Roxy actively chooses to live life to the full, exuding happiness, being generous by nature, creative and inspirational. Importantly, when you have an abundant outlook you are able to be more open to and take full advantage of and enjoy the wave of opportunities that come your way, along with memorable experiences.

For more on the conversation, please see the interview on the link below


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About the Tropika Island Of Treasure

Tropika Island of Treasure has taken audiences on island adventures from the Maldives to Zanzibar, Mauritius, Mexico, Jamaica, Seychelles, and Curaçao in the Caribbean.

This season will feature an All-Star line-up made up of much-loved celebrity winners and viewer favorites from the previous nine seasons.

“What is unique about it this time around we are celebrating its tenth some people are very familiar with it from, way back then, when it started in 2008.

The show takes regular consumer and pairs them up with your typical celebrities’ and we have our Tropika Island of Treasure campaign. The brand has taken consumers and celebrities to Islands such as Maldives, Seychelles, Mexico, Jamaica, Mauritius so everywhere, where you could bank as exotic, Tropika has been there. “says Barbara George- Tropika Brand Manager. 

Phase one

Phase one from April to June will encourage fans to audition to be part of the action – they can do this by Whatsapping an audition video to 082 857 8054 or uploading it on @mytropika socials with #Tropika for their chance to get a spot on the island and pair up with an All-Star celebrity.

“So, the auditions close on the 5th of June and how we go about selecting our people is we have a designated panel. So, we look at the auditions and we shortlist the customers who auditioned and we call them in for a face-to-face audition.

We currently make use of our digital platform and online auditions. So that gives us a very high-level overview of who these consumers are”.

Phase 2

The second phase between September and December 2022 will follow the nine celebrities and their Tropika consumer partners on the island of Treasure as they compete in a series of challenges. Viewers can follow the show and enter to win some prizes.

“We’re giving away a share of R1 million and it’s super exciting.  That is R500 000 for the consumer contestant and R500 000 for the celebrity.  Further to that, we also have awesome prizes for our viewers at home.

We have got some amazing sponsors on board, and one big sponsor I can already confirm is Suzuki. They have given us a R250 000 product availability, so a consumer at home can stand a chance to win that.”

For more on the conversation with Barbara George, see link below.



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