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How do you think you would fare in island games? If you have any hopes of faring well, you would definitely need to improve your social game and your skills when it comes to mind games as well.

However, it would be naive not to point out that you would also need to be on top of your health and fitness, especially if you want to do well in all the challenges. One person who knows plenty about this is Shashi Naidoo, who was part of the winning team during season 2 of Tropika Island of Treasure. In fact, the entrepreneur is hoping to become a winner yet again during the upcoming season of “Tropika Island Of Treasure All Stars”.

“They called me months ago, and asked me if I wanted to do it. I was like, ‘Are you kidding? Of course, I want to go!’”

Since it is an all-star season, Shashi will be competing with previous winners. Speaking with Gisèle Wertheim Aymés on @longevity_live, the 41-year-old shared how she plans to bring her A-game as well as how she’s preparing her body for the challenge.

Shashi Naidoo’s Health and Wellness Guide to Island Games

It’s never too late to start

If you’ve ever come across Shashi Naidoo, you can see that this is a person that is very focused on taking care of their physical health. However, you may be surprised to hear that the first time she ever entered a gym was when she was 30 years old!

Thankfully, the activity grew on her and the actress quips that she’s addicted to it, and we can’t really blame her. Leading an active lifestyle has amazing benefits for the body, and not just in the physical sense,

“During lockdown, I went into a depressive state and that’s because I wasn’t moving” says Shashi, adding that this was a real indication that her body needed to be moving and active.

Feel your food

Shashi admits that she is a food lover and guilty of indulging. However, she tries her best to stay on the healthy side of things. Alas, she may be forced to alter her eating habits on the island, in the real world Shashi is focused on consuming foods that will help to sustain her.


Additionally, she also encourages a mindful approach when it comes to her diet. To do this, she looks at how a particular food will make her feel after she eats it.

“I think the older we get, we start realizing, ‘Oh, this doesn’t make me feel good, I feel sluggish and slow’…I think now I’ve become more in tune with my body and what it wants.”

The game plan

So, how is Shashi preparing for her island games? By focusing on her fitness and escalating her training schedule, with plans to also improve her swimming skills.

However, that’s not all that she’s doing. The island games also test out both brawn and brain. As such, Shashi has also made it a habit to test out her brain by doing mental puzzles. This won’t only prepare her for the games, but puzzles also have a number of health benefits that include a reduced risk of cognitive decline as well as improved mood.

Find your passion

Yes, Shashi Naidoo is excited about the upcoming games. However, that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t count her blessings at home. In fact, she encourages you to do the same and this may mean starting things anew, 

“I think it’s never too late. I’ve changed career paths 100 times.

So if people are in a situation where they hate their job, leave, you’re not a tree, you’re not stuck, leave, do something that you love that you have passion for. And success will follow. It really does. And I know it seems cliche to say that today’s fashion, success will follow your passion.”

MAIN IMAGE CREDIT: shashinaidoo/instagram

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