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Mother Nature’s powers are limitless and can heal us in more ways than one. That is exactly why those who do not see the outdoors generally wind up sad and unhealthy. Admittedly, I love going on adventures and exploring the outside world. Without nature, there is no life – in my opinion.

However, new research finds that Mother Nature’s embrace could be the secret to longevity for women in particular. There is proof that immersing yourself in a natural environment helps alleviate the symptoms of anxiety and stress. Who doesn’t feel happy after taking a walk or going for a picnic in the park?

Personally, I always feel happy, relaxed and more mindful when I spend time outdoors. This is not to say that you must now give up your career and elope to a deserted island. Instead, rather try to include more nature into your existing environment and routine. Even if it means setting up your laptop next to some trees instead of an office desk.

Mother Nature’s Healing Powers

I believe that spending time in nature is like receiving a big hug or that feeling you get after laughing. It’s an instant mood booster and there is research to prove Mother Nature’s antidepressant effects. Bringing yourself to reach this understanding and becoming proactive about getting outside will literally make you feel, look and live longer. But you will be happier too. Interestingly, a recent and big study discovered that women who live in a greener, more natural environment are significantly less stressed and happier. Therefore, they live longer and healthier lives.mother natures [longevity live]

A recent Harvard study compared the risk of death with how much greenery surrounded more than 108,000 women’s homes across the U.S. from 2000 to 2008. Researchers explained that the amount of green space was determined by looking at satellite imagery over seasons and years. They stated that it’s important we know this data set was not self-reported. Instead, it was independently verified.

Basically, this means that the study didn’t get its findings from the women’s perceptions of how green their environment was. According to the report, an abundance of greenery and nature can dramatically decrease your exposure to toxic triggers like air pollution, noise, and extreme heat. In addition, you’ll naturally increase your level of physical activity and social engagement, which both reduce stress.

Of course, there are other factors that can affect the life expectancy of women. That is why the study does consider other reasons for mortality risk. These include factors like age, race/ethnicity, smoking as well as individual and area-level socioeconomic status. Therefore, because the study takes into account many different factors, it is considered to be a reliable one.

The bottom line is that there was a 12% reduction in deaths for those who lived in natural environments.

Why Do You Live Longer?

Of course, there are many different reasons as to why women – or anybody in that case – would live longer when surrounded by a natural environment.

However, some of the main reasons would include the improvement of health issues like asthma and heart stress. Moreover,  getting outdoors more and experiencing new and rewarding journeys can increase physical activity which, in turn, promotes a healthy, fit body. In addition, when you spend more time outside with neighbors, friends and family you are able to reconnect with people which build on your social interaction. Perhaps it’s all the above?

mother natures [longevity live]

I feel that it’s mainly because of the major reduction in stress levels. Think about it, when do you ever feel stressed out in nature?

More importantly, the study discovered that Mother Nature’s influence had such a strong effect on women. Whether this has to do with stress, the environment, hormones or just lifestyle in general. It definitely implies that we should all work towards creating a better world and environment for ourselves. Just like those strong women you’ve always idolized for fighting to get a cleaner, healthier world, Mother Nature’s ability to heal is very similar to a woman’s ability to nurture.

These women were smart and so should you be. Remind yourselves daily to work towards creating a greener world because it is going to allow you to live healthier but longer too.

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