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Gut instinct is by no means a magical phenomenon. However, when you trust it, life-changing things can happen, kind of like a butterfly effect. Some of us are more in tune with our intuition than others. I know that I base most of my choices around the butterflies I feel in the pit of my stomach.

Whether this is a good or a bad thing is not clear, but let me ask you a question. Which successful and famous entrepreneurs chose logic over their gut feeling? Correct me if I’m wrong, but I can’t think of any. Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, and Mark Zuckerberg all disregarded what’s considered logical and chose to follow their gut instinct instead.

The reason it is effective to trust your inner feelings is that they are hunches that have been formed out of our experiences and knowledge. Although it might not always lead you to the ‘right’ or ‘good’ decision, your gut feelings are not as whimsical as they may seem to the logical folk.

Health experts are continuously talking about the importance and power of gut health. But, instead of only feeding it physically, why don’t you try to listen to it emotionally too?

Gut Instinct Is More Than A Feeling

Your intuition is far more than a silly little feeling your body might randomly get. This is, in fact, a very special sensation and signals that your brain is operating on autopilot. Therefore, at the moment, every action you take and the information you process is operating but outside your awareness. Basically, your body is performing and thinking, but not consciously.gut instinct [longevity live]

Are you able to trust your intuition? Psychologists believe that this automatic processing of information is most likely something that you already experience regularly. Knowing this can help you accept its presence in your life. The only way that I can describe this feeling best to you is through driving. Let’s face it. We’ve all had those moments where we’re a little tired and have just got home after a long drive. Suddenly, you get a shock and wonder, ‘Wow, how am I even alive?’ while you have absolutely no recollection of how you managed to drive home safely.

That is because your brain went into autopilot. This is a non-conscious process and operates in complex decision-making. Time and time again this feeling can happen. Yet, we rarely listen to it or place much value on its prominence. The problem with our world is that we’ve created a culture where we feel as if we constantly need to rationalize our actions. In addition, that we must hide our subjective preferences of feelings that might surface. We cannot deny the power of facts, science, statistics, and logic to give us direction. However, there is greater power in trusting your gut instincts and questioning why you might be feeling a certain way about a situation.

Three Reasons Why You Have To Trust Your Gut

Why am I so passionate about it? Well, because no matter how tough a journey it is to establish your own business or relocate – something strong within me keeps telling me to go for it. The feeling is so strong that it makes you almost 100% confident about your direction. So, how can you ignore it? In fact, most massive changes in your life are highly likely led by your inner feelings. Psychologists state that the unconscious mind dictates decision-making more than we think. And even with logic, the subconscious mind still manages to nudge it along.

1. Your Gut Instinct Is Based On Existing Experiences

It makes sense that the more familiar you are with a certain situation, the easier it will be to make a decision based on the feelings of your subconscious brain. It is always helpful to ask others for their advice and opinions, but it’s important to remind yourself that they don’t necessarily always know what is best for you. It’s best to take their advice into consideration, but sometimes you need to follow your heart instead. gut instinct [longevity live]Ultimately, the only person who can choose the best life for you is you. You are the one with the experience within your own life, and therefore you know exactly what to do next. It’s especially important to trust your intuition when it comes to making long-term commitments and entering relationships. Trust that you have all the knowledge and experience you need to make the decision that’s right for you.

2. You Gut Instinct Is Embedded In Your Brain

The interesting part is that your intuition consists of both fact and feeling.

This is why gut instinct is so much more powerful than taking advice from someone else. It is the only tool within us that can connect your body, mind, and soul. It takes those three spheres and evaluates how they have reacted to everything from your past. Sometimes the feelings can be overwhelming to handle because you’re juggling between fact and feeling. That’s why you might experience feelings of success, excitement, and nervousness about a new challenge if it’s right. On the flip side, you might feel demotivated, weak, and terrified if it’s wrong.

3. All Your Nerve Cells Are Connected To Your Gut Instinct

Who has experienced butterflies in their tummy? This happens when you’re excited, nervous, or in love. That’s because there are millions of nerve cells in your body that are stimulated by the situation. The subconscious part of the brain sends signals to the nerves in your stomach to feel that way. I believe this is a powerful process. It means, when you listen to it, that you’re not just tapping into your mind, but your entire being.gut instinct [longevity live]

The world simply needs to listen more. If you start to tap into your intuition more frequently, its powers will be more accurate. Methods like Meditation can really help you listen to your intuition more closely. This is because you are able to connect yourself with your inner being physically, psychologically, and spiritually.

That is also why it is vital to take time off to relax and reflect. This can really help you get in tune with your gut feelings. Sometimes the constant routine of completing a to-do list every day gets you completely off track with your emotions. Once you stop, your mind can then catch up.

It often pays off to listen to your heart.

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