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Elle Macpherson, Australian-born, is famous for her effortless beauty and grace as a 5-time Sports Illustrated swimsuit supermodel. However, she’s not just a pretty face. She has managed to shine in the business, fashion, film, and television industries for the last 30 years.

This year, she has won awards for her ingenuity and entrepreneurial drive. Why? She is the co-founder and creative director for her new company called WelleCo.

If you were wondering how she manages to look so young at the ripe age of 50. You might want to investigate her wellness brand, known for its alkalizing Super Elixir organic supplements.

Elle Macpherson Promotes Clean Fuel For A Fit Body

Our perception of what qualifies as beautiful has definitely evolved.  Many women, in particular, now prefer to place importance on the way they feel and not just on how they look.Elle [longevity live]

It’s something that we should all try to master. Even supermodel Elle Macpherson has had to learn whilst establishing her own beauty and wellness company.

Elle spoke with CNBC’s Tania Bryer last week at the EY World Entrepreneur of the Year 2018. And says that she has had to come to terms with the fact that the way she feels is much more important than the way she looks. She came to this conclusion through her personal experiences.

And as a result, the supermodel looks amazing, is well and healthy. She adds that this realization was the core reason for WellCo. Remember, what works for you in terms of diet and routine is most likely not going to work at 50. Things must change. Elle says it’s best to achieve this with a clean, plant-based diet.

WellCo Is A Game-Changer

Elle began her business venture in 2014 and since then is changing the lives of many women in her age group.  The brand offers a range of plant-based ingestible beauty products and dietary supplements to consumers that are designed by nutritional doctors. She may not be new to the business. But WelleCo places an emphasis on her realization that the state of your own health and well-being is what lets you live longer and happier.

This realization was sparked by her appearance. Elle noticed that she wasn’t feeling or looking well. And with such a busy schedule for so many years, it’s no surprise that your body needs a little extra TLC.  Before her game-changer of a business, she consulted her nutritional doctor, Dr. Simone Laubscher.Elle [longevity live]

Her nutritionist put her on a plant-based diet and an alkalising green powder. This is now the product that Macpherson promotes on her WelleCo website. She claims it turned her life around and can do the same for you.

She explained to CNBC that she was malnourished and not getting enough sleep for a long time. and was trying to apply the same things that worked when she was 20, which of course didn’t work anymore at 50.

It seems like a no-brainer. Yet, we’re often trying our best to avoid the fact that we grow older and need to adapt. It sometimes requires someone to point it out. The gorgeous model herself even required a prompt.

What Major Changes Can You Expect?

According to Elle, after she changed her eating habits and began using the alkalizing powders. She really saw a huge improvement in how she felt and looked. This proves that what you feed your body is exactly what you see on the surface. Wellness is the difference!Elle [longevity live]

Therefore, she is encouraged daily to share this lifestyle option with other people around the world. She says that wellness is the foundation of her vitality and business. Not only in terms of nutrition, but by correlating the link between wellness and beauty. Elle says this becomes particularly important as you mature.

Her goal for the future is to ensure that WellCo continues to distribute and manufacture high-quality products which enrich other people’s lives.

This is definitely a rapidly growing market and with companies like WellCo, we’re bound to see an emphasis on ingestible beauty. Rather than spending thousands on pointless and most likely toxic beauty products, spend it on real, clean, whole foods.


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