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Egg protein powder has taken a backseat to whey protein powder for years. That’s only because not too many people are aware of its benefits to their bodies. Thankfully, that has changed. More people are leaning towards using this type of protein powder.

The egg protein industry has many crazy marketing and claims, but it’s about time you looked more closely at its health benefits. Learn what you might have missed and how to get in on the egg protein craze.

There are many reasons a person would want to have egg white protein as part of their diet. For some, egg protein powders can improve a variety of conditions. It can help strengthen bones, lower cholesterol levels, as well as reduce stress. If these are not reasons enough to get an egg protein shake, then consider these other benefits:

Protein powders are very popular among health-conscious people. There are numerous types of protein powder made from a wide variety of sources.

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Greater Source of Protein

Eating raw eggs contributes to the increase of protein in the body. Though that is the case, its protein is nowhere near the amount you get from egg protein powder. For raw eggs, one can get about 12g of it for every 100g.

With egg protein powder, you can get 80g per 100g. That’s a difference of 66g! This means, to get the same amount of protein from the powder, you need to eat at least six eggs in a day. You can avoid all that. These powder supplements can help you get your daily protein dosage without eating actual eggs.

Alternative to Whey

Whey protein is derived from cow’s milk. When dairy proteins are extracted, they are also extracted from the milk. This means that it contains lactose which can cause an upset stomach. 

If you have sensitive stomach issues, then this is the best protein supplement for you. This is also advisable for people who are allergic to lactose and dairy. Egg White Protein Powder has almost as many benefits as Whey Protein Powders without digestive system issues. You are assured that you have access to high-quality protein.

Provides Essential Amino Acids

Raw or cooked eggs have all eight essential amino acids that provide the building blocks of life. Egg powder also has these amino acids but in higher amounts. It is important to have them as they combine and assemble as protein for muscle tissue. 

If you want to gain weight or bulk up, this is one of the best protein powders to take. Though other foods contain amino acids, the amount you get from them is relatively low. Egg White Protein Powders contain complete amino acids. 

Low Risk For Egg-Derived Diseases

When consuming eggs, one has to consider their safety. When an egg is not well-cooked, there is a possibility of salmonella production. 

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Salmonella bacteria can cause food poisoning, along with diarrhea, fever, and headache. These symptoms can be a cause of body weakness.

One can avoid all that when you take egg white protein powder instead. The reason being, these products have undergone pasteurization. The process of pasteurization is needed to kill the bacteria. However, you still get all the amino acids, vitamins, and minerals that your body can get from eggs. 

Aid In Muscle Recovery

Leucine is an amino acid that can be found in eggs. All eggs contain leucine, whether raw or cooked. These amino acids are essential when it comes to muscle repair and recovery. It also aids in muscle building.

Keep in mind that it takes very little protein to make a significant change in muscle function. The average diet contains 5 grams of leucine per day. When one wants to have more muscle growth, one should have more than 5 grams of it in their meals. 

Egg white protein powders are the second-highest source of leucine next to whey powder. This makes them the go-to powder supplements for people with lactose intolerance. It is also the top choice for people who are on a gluten-free diet.

Quick Recovery From Physical Activity

Not all physical activity is the same, and the effort it takes for the muscle to return to normal can be significant.

Egg protein powders are known to help with your body’s ability to recover from a workout. This is because these protein powders that are used as meal replacements promote muscle repair. This is especially helpful after an exercise. 

It also eases a person’s muscle soreness brought about by physical activity. Any workout may cause microfiber tears. The protein in egg white powder aids in the repair of these tears. This is why most fitness buffs would take this protein powder post-workout.


In our modern world, we have a crazy amount of options for the food we put in our bodies. Today alone, there are over 12,000 food items for sale in the US. This is a far cry from the age of food scarcity when seasons dictated the availability of ingredients in the time span of a few months. 

Despite this food abundance, it is interesting to note that out of the 12,000 food items currently available, only 10% are gluten-free. This number is even more impressive if you consider something for everyone on the human food growth front. 

Protein powders are also being introduced as gluten-free. This is formulated to accommodate the enormous number of people that are on a modified diet. Even on this diet, they still get their recommended 1-2 grams of protein per day. 

These are only seven of the many benefits one can get from egg white protein powder. There are countless more advantages of choosing this type of protein powder. It is not only good for weight gain but for weight loss as well. It has high protein, lactose-free and gluten-free.

What Is Egg White Protein Powder In A Nutshell?

Egg White Protein has a maximum biological value of 100, making it the best kind of protein available. The rate of efficiency with which protein is utilized for growth is known as the biological value score. Egg Protein Powder is a powdered hen egg albumen protein. It underwent pasteurization and has no extra preservatives.

Who Can Take Egg Protein Powder? 

The vitamin and mineral content of egg white protein powder is extremely high. VPAs Egg Protein Powder is ideal for people who have dairy allergies or are lactose intolerant. They are for people who want to gain lean muscle mass, improve muscle recovery, or simply boost their protein intake.

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Why Should One Choose Egg Protein Powder Over Whey Protein?

In contrast to whey protein powders, which are dairy-based, egg white protein powders are lactose-free. This makes them an ideal substitute for dairy goods. Overall, the amount of protein per serving is relatively similar. Most of these protein powders have 25g of protein per 30g serving for egg protein powder and 24g of protein per 30g serving for whey protein concentration. 

One of the most important distinctions is the rate at which proteins are digested. Egg white protein powder is digested at a moderate pace. Whey protein is digested more quickly, whereas Casein digests more slowly. In layman’s terms, this means that egg white protein powder will keep your muscle protein synthesis going for longer. This makes it an excellent supplement to use alongside whey protein powder and casein protein powder.


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