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Antioxidants and protein are what the lovely Kate Hudson tries to have in abundance when making her breakfasts. She says that breakfast is the most important meal for her and that no matter how busy you are, you can sneak a nutritious breakfast in. Renowned for her beautifully sculpted and lean physique, Kate also enjoys living a balanced lifestyle. Therefore, she too has times in her life where antioxidants, protein, and watching her diet is not her primary focus – particularly after experiencing a pandemic. However, she’s back in action and values her health and wants to ensure she stays on track.

Kate Hudson has more on her mind than antioxidants and protein though. She’s not only a successful actress but also a serial entrepreneur and just launched InBloom. This is her first-ever line of supplements.  So during quarantine, Hudson has been busy at work. She’s also a mother, so she’s been doing her best to try and find a balance between making business decisions and doing laundry. Doesn’t sound so far off from us either, right?  Having said that, Hudson says she always does her best to fit in a good breakfast.

Antioxidants, Protein And Deliciousness

Breakfast Is Kate’s Favorite Meal

antioxidants and Kate Hudson breakfast ideas [longevity live]

According to WellandGood, Kate does practice intermittent fasting because it gives her ‘a lot of energy and keeps her metabolism on point.’ However, she says that she tries to have her last meal early in the day so that breakfast is non-negotiable. Kate’s go-to breakfast has everything she needs to start her day off on the right foot.

She says her favorite breakfast includes eggs even though she’s apparently not supposed to eat too many eggs. Kate says her breakfast consisted of egg whites, spinach, mushrooms, and onions with a little Swiss cheese and avocado. Lots of antioxidants, protein, and fiber to keep the digestive system in check.

Eggs And Antioxidants For Breakfast

At the moment, there is a huge focus on eating a more diverse and plant-based diet. This is for both environmental and health reasons. However, there’s a wide range of reasons why a person chooses to eliminate animal foods or byproducts. Moreover, it’s quite a personal reason and one that you need to be certain about. We do encourage a predominantly plant-based diet because of its diversity, antioxidants, and health benefits. We are not promoting one or the other as necessary. We also cannot ignore that there are health benefits from animal byproducts like eggs. Especially with some recent studies about why they’re great at any time of the day.

According to Tracy Lockwood Beckerman, RD, registered dietitian, You Versus Food host, and author of The Better Period Food Solution. Kate Hudson’s breakfast is an ‘A++ way to kick off the day.’ This breakfast is packed with an abundance of colorful antioxidants, protein, vitamins, and minerals which promote energy and vitality for the day.

However, Tracy does say that she would prefer Kate to use the entire egg in her omelet for more vitamins like choline, lutein, and essential fatty acids. But she does still get a boost in nutrition from the avocado. Also, to bump this nutrient-dense meal up a notch in your own morning routine, Tracy recommends including a piece of hydrating fruit or wholesome seeded toast for more energy.

Bump Up Your Antioxidants By Embodying Your Health

We know that to be healthy, there is no one-time quick solution. It’s much more exciting than that. You can’t just take an antioxidant pill or protein supplement to make all your problems disappear. But what you can do is fully embody the process and tell yourself that you’re doing all you need to be healthy.

antioxidants and Kate Hudson breakfast ideas [longevity live]

Kate explained that she also includes her own supplements into her daily routine, which adds to her hearty breakfast. Taking supplements is a great way to boost your nutrient consumption. Kate says her Essential Elements Powder is filled with vitamins, greens, minerals, and stress-relieving adaptogens. These antioxidants are meant to support your immune system, cardiovascular health, and digestion. She adds that when people ask her what she balances her life with, or what her beauty tips are, or how she stays healthy. She replies by saying, ‘it’s all embodied in this.’

Antioxidants And Eggs?

antioxidants and Kate Hudson breakfast ideas [longevity live]

It’s no wonder Kate looks gorgeous no matter her age or where she’s at in life. Why? She takes her health seriously and makes it a priority without intervening with that happy balance.

She’s also proof that no matter how much you’ve got going on, there is always time for breakfast. Our bodies need good nutrition and healthy antioxidants to thrive. And when it’s as delicious and as healthy as Kate’s, then it’s easier to want to make the time.

And if you don’t mind incorporating some eggs into your diet, then there’s a wide range of benefits.

What if you’re in a rush at mealtime? Then just whip up some scrambled eggs. Need a snack? Try hard-boiled eggs. Want to boost your immune system? You guessed it, eggs, again. Basically, there are tons of antioxidants and nutrients in eggs and they’re super versatile. Just be sure to pick the best of the best when it comes to buying eggs. Try to opt for organic, free-range eggs that have lots more immune-supporting vitamin D compared to ordinary eggs. 

Enjoy your breakfast, make it delicious, and remind yourself to enjoy a balanced embodies healthy lifestyle like Kate.

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