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No, it doesn’t work like that. Now that you’ve got your mind out of the gutter, let me introduce you to the doppel wristband. It works by creating a rhythmic pulse that you feel on the inside of your wrist as a silent, heartbeat-like vibration.

This design was inspired by a variety of mind blowing studies, which show that the human body responds intuitively to different rhythms. For example the tempo of a song can naturally alter our breathing and heart rate, while choir singers can use their voices to synchronize their heart beats. Mother’s and babies have even been shown to synchronize heart beats when performing certain activities, and similar behaviour has been observed in couples.

So how does the doppel tap into this intuitive response?

The developers pose the question:  “It’s dark. You hear a noise, you begin to feel scared, and your heart starts pounding. Or: It’s dark. You hear a noise, your heart starts pounding and you begin to feel scared. Which is true?”

wristbandOk, this question might sound a little creepy – like, why do you want to know? But it turns out that their point is both scenarios are simultaneously true.

How can that be? Well, because your brain and body constantly talk to each other. And this link is the reason why the doppel wristband can work its magic.

The developers share, “Research shows that slower tempos result in lower arousal and positive or calm emotional states. While we associate fast rhythms with arousing emotional states such as joy, excitement, surprise, fear or anger. By affecting your brain’s perception of your heart rate, doppel changes how you feel. doppel uses the most natural rhythm that exists, the one we all experience first as embryos, and it does this silently, and subtly.”

Take my money.

How incredible is it that we now live in a world where a wristband can tap into your natural rhythms and instantly help you to destress? What a time to be alive.

Better yet, the dopple has been shown to work by independent researchers.

Researchers from the Psychology Department at Royal Holloway, University of London assessed the calming effects of doppel and found that its heartbeat-like vibration delivered onto the inside of the wrist can make the wearer feel significantly less stressed. The dopple has also been shown to significantly improve the wearer’s focus.

That’s good enough for me. I’m off to purchase my own. I expect to be so calm that you can call me the next Dalai Llama. See you on the flip side.

In the meantime, if you are feeling stressed about doppel running out of stock try these five nifty tricks or just stress eat these foods.


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