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These days the majority of people in the UK are looking for ways to improve their health. In this article, we can look at some of the ways that can help you look after yourself better. Improve your physical and mental fitness, and avoid paying fortunes for private health insurance


Taking good care of yourself, over the last 20 years or so, has taken on a whole new meaning. As health clubs have started to pop up all over the whole country, yoga is now available in more than 20 or so different versions.

There are more vitamins and supplements around than you can shake a stick at, mental health issues have become much more prominent and easier to openly discuss. Physical fitness workouts can now be performed in the comfort of your own home. For some, having a personal trainer and a mind coach are the most important meetings of their week. But what about private health insurance, is the population taking that as seriously as all the other ways to look after your health?

After all, the peace of mind knowing that should the unthinkable happen and you or your spouse or your children get Ill that they will be looked after straight away. Especially in today’s climate with over 14 million operations being backed up with the NHS because of the Covid pandemic, must be a good place to be and relieve some stress from your hectic lifestyle. 

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Great Healthcare

We are so fortunate in the UK to have the wonderful NHS who tirelessly work to keep us all fit and healthy, but they are stretched at the moment. 

Probably more than ever, and more and more UK residents are taking out private health insurance for themselves and their families.

There has never been a time in the history of the NHS, which is 76 years old this year, where you will have to wait so long for a consultation, treatment, or an operation that there is today, and despite extra funding going in now, you will not see the benefit of that for years to come.

Personal Hygiene

Let’s then look at how you can look after yourself in the meantime. Keeping good personal hygiene is an important part of staying healthy.

As not only can it prevent infection but also can keep you mentally strong by being confident whilst around others and developing friendships which enhance your sense of being. Having a good and large friend network increases your self-esteem and improves your mental health. 

Regular Exercise

Some basics which I think we all know about staying fit and healthy are not to do drugs, do not smoke, do not drink alcohol excessively and eat healthy foods whilst taking regular exercise.

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Not only by following these bits of advice create the best physical state you can be in, but they will also have a massive effect on your mental wellbeing.

In the special forces, you are trained to embrace pain as it’s your brain telling you how much your body hurts so if you can train your brain correctly you can overcome tremendous physical pain and force your body into performing way above what it tells you its capable of. This is one of the most poignant examples of how controlling your mental health can control your physical health too. 

Great Insurance

A great reason to follow all the advice above can be found when you fill out an application for private health insurance. Basically telling the insurance company the risk they are taking by giving you a policy that will need to be used should you get ill or have an injury.

You may find though if you put down you are a special forces soldier, the premium goes up a tad. Year after year in the UK, just basic living seems to get harder and more stressful every day so it’s so important to protect your health by taking time out, taking a break from the normal.

Trying something new to focus your mind. Try relaxing in general or taking up meditation or yoga as you will find this another great way of keeping a healthy and alert mind.

Mental Health

Mental Health

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With dementia and other mental health issues becoming more prevalent and known these days. Let’s all try and exercise our brains more and not let them get dragged into the everyday boredom of repetition. Do something new you have always wanted to do, try something again that you enjoyed doing as a kid. Listen to or watch comedy to stimulate laughter, all these will help you live a happier and therefore less stressful life which all combines with living a healthier life.

So, on top of all the above, get yourself and your family a private medical insurance policy covering you all for any unforeseen inpatient and outpatient treatment, hospital accommodation in first-class surroundings, nursing care back to recovery, and all the medication you need to treat the symptoms. If you are self-employed and do not get sick pay, you may also want to look at getting loss of earnings cover for periods of time you are unable to work. Imagine the feeling of not having to worry about paying the mortgage and all the other bills if you had an accident or needed lengthy treatment and not being able to earn a living.

You may also want to include certain insurance extras such as private ambulance cover, psychiatric treatment, nursing care at home, and additional overnight accommodation at the hospital should one of your children need a longer than normal stay. 


Research shows that with meditation and also mindfulness meditation you can reduce the risk of cancer, chronic pain, heart disease, and high blood pressure.

As well as keeping you calm, relaxed, and helping to deal with anxiety and depression, so it’s well worth a look into.

Don’t give up either if the first tape or book you try isn’t for you, there are many different ways to achieve a relaxed state using meditation from many different corners of the World and there will be a way that you like and works for you so keep trying until you find it.

Remember, keep a PMA or positive mental attitude to life and you will succeed and find a mentally and physically healthy state of mind and body.


Our summary then would be to get a good private medical insurance policy, look after your body by taking exercise, not eating rubbish, and not taking drugs. Limit your alcohol intake and never, ever smoke anything at all apart from a good red snapper on the BBQ. Keep your mind healthy and active by trying new things, keep your personal appearance tip-top and encircle yourself with a large number of good friends.

In Conclusion

Be kind to others and feel the rush of your actions when you know you have helped someone less fortunate than yourself and sleep easy knowing that whatever medical emergency comes the way of you or your family you have the very best cover to get help straight away. This brings peace of mind and with that brings a happy and healthy life. Thanks very much for reading.

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Adam Leyens

Adam Leyens

Adam Leyens. Director at Heath Crawford. Who is heading up the personal insurance side of the business, Adam is a leading expert on Private Medical Insurance and assisting clients in getting the right cover. 


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