Strength training is what we now know to be the most successful way of achieving that fit, athletic and defined body. Why not give it a go? Super fit Hollywood star Scarlett Johansson looks like a real-life superhero with her amazing physique. We want to know how she achieved her incredible body for her Endgame role. Apparently her trainer also focuses on performance rather than aesthetics. Could be something worth remembering…

In fact, for Scarlett to get into superhero shape she mainly focused on strength training and functional fitness. This is the same approach that an athlete would take. I see why she and her trainer would decide to do this. Not only is it more motivational to set goals, but it’s also sustainable and you will avoid burning out.

Ironically, Scarlett isn’t a huge fan of going to the gym. She explained to new reporters that in the past the last thing she’d do was hit the gym. However, since playing her role in these Marvel films, fitness has become a hobby of hers. She says it’s made her feel much stronger and more capable than she’s ever been. We look up to her too because Scarlett is also aged 34 and a mom of a four year old daughter. So not only does she have to work around a hectic filming schedule…She’s got a kid to nurture as well. That means early morning workouts that are highly effective and quick.

Strength Training For Scarlett’s Body

Having said that, you need to understand the level of commitment it takes to wake up early and get out of bed. All so that you can hit the training room hard. Scarlett says that she exercises four to five times a week and all these sessions are a minimum of 45 to 60 minutes long. She explains that this is the only way she is able to maintain her goals; because it is just before her daughter Rose wakes up. Now that’s a commitment and it’s no wonder Scarlett looks so good!

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Personally, I don’t like to work out in the evenings because as my day ends I slowly like to start winding things down. And if I still have to go and exercise it feels like I’m forcing myself. Scarlett is right to get up early because this way she’s still got time in the afternoon to relax after work, make dinner, bath Rose and practice her lines for shooting the next day.

In order for Scarlett to play the role of Black Widow, her personal trainer Eric Johnson explains that she had to follow a relatively intense programme. Johnson is the co-founder of elite fitness company Homage, and tells Harper’s Bazaar that by emphasizing her performance, it was easier to get results, because the physique happened naturally. In addition, Scarlett had to follow a varied schedule that focused on integrating different modes of foundational strength training. Johnson says that the combination of plyometrics, yoga, Olympic weight lifting, kettle bells and gymnastics all helped to maximise Scarlett’s performance.

Strength Training Routine

I think if you really want to see amazing changes in your body, especially for the Summer season then you need to not only commit to a routine but you also need to be willing to mix things up. Doing the same thing everyday doesn’t seem to get people very far, so the common denominator is variation. Scarlett’s trainer makes her start every workout differently

According to POPSUGAR, Johnson says that he begins every session with light mobility work first, which targets Scarlett’s limitations. He then follows this with what he calls a ‘primer circuit.’ The primer circuit includes lower body plyometrics (such as jumping), medicine ball throws, integrative core work, and dynamic mobility (such as bear crawls). Apparently Scarlett’s favorite exercises are dead lifts, pull-ups, military presses, pistol squats and kettle bell swings.

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Johnson says because this is quite a tough routine, they were able to challenge both her body and mind together. That’s what’s important about any road to being healthy and fit. Train your mind and then the body will follow.

If you are looking to get fitter for the summer then you can start incorporating some functional strength training into your routine as well. Moreover, you can get this done at home or at a gym. A great place to start is with mobility and bodyweight strength movements and then once you get the hang of this, start slowly incorporating some form of resistance.

Here’s the Strength Training Routine

Johnson, Scarlett’s trainer shares her routine with the world. He explains to POPSUGAR that he split her pre-film training into three phases, which each lasted three to six weeks. These are the phases below and are a good place for you to start looking for inspiration if you’d like to get into superhero shape too.

  • Phase One: Strengthening The Mind-Body Connection

Johnson says that the explosive swinging and plyometric (jumping) movements; and muscle-burning isometric holds all sharpen your reflexes and agility. These are qualities that Scarlett needed to execute for many of her stunts whilst filming.

  • Phase Two: Strength training.

Apparently, for Scarlett to reach certain goals she also had to venture into Olympic weightlifting and gymnastics. These forms of movement helped her execute a 245-pound deadlift, single-leg pistol squats, and a push-up series with a 45-pound plate sitting on her back. Basically, the two of them worked extremely hard to bring a comic character to life!

  • Phase Three: Cutting To Get Lean For Filming

Strength training is the best form of exercise for gaining muscle but it’s surprisingly effective for burning fat as well. However, Johnson said that Scarlett’s had to focus on lots of explosive cardio like sprints, kettle bells and battle rope exercises in the last phase. These kinds of exercises all increase your heart rate and build lean muscle definition.

Lastly, the celebrity star also attends regular hot yoga classes, fight training, and Pilates to make her fitness routine.

Eat To Look The Part

A common mistake throughout the globe, and especially amongst women, is that we tend to under eat and over train. What’s the point in that? When you do this you brutally attack your muscles, tearing them apart and burn up whatever energy you have and then use up all your stores so that there’s nothing left to rebuild new muscle. This is only half the problem, because sacrificing good calories also means messing up your hormones, feeling fatigued throughout the day and moody. Scarlett got her Black Widow body by training like an athlete, yes, but she eats like one too. That’s what’s most important.

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Although their approach was wholesome, Scarlett still had to hone in on her diet quite a lot. Nutrition is key to getting results. Johnson explained to Business Insider that her diet plan was just as intense as her training plan. The whole diet was created around the concept of carb cycling. Johnson explains that Scarlett cycled through days of high carbohydrates and low fat consumption, versus low carbohydrates and higher fats while maintaining a high protein intake.

He says that her meals were also time restricted. This means that she had a minimum of 12-hour fasting windows every day, which served as a general guideline for her.  In addition, there were certain times when they had to push further and go up to 14-to-15 hours depending on the filming schedule.

Scarlett Looks Fit, Strong And Gorgeous

But she had to work very hard and commit herself to following this routine for an entire year before she got the body she has now. They also had to maintain this routine whilst shooting both Infinity War and Endgame.

Therefore, if you want to get fit this summer, then go for it. Just do your research. Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself or mix things up. Remember to train like an athlete rather than drill yourself to the ground. Research says it’s the smarter and more effective approach. More importantly, whether you are strength training or doing sprints, be sure to commit yourself to it and remember to eat well.

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