Keto or intermittent fasting? That’s a good question and as we’ve said before there is no true answer because it needs to work best for you. However, celebrities like Vanessa Hudgens enjoy testing out different diets – not that yo-yo dieting is recommended. But, trying different eating patterns can help you create a more flexible life. Especially if you’re able to adjust your diet to your surroundings. Vanessa is always on top of things and when it comes to new diets or workouts, she’s first to try them!

She describes herself as a ‘fitness fanatic’ and loves challenging her body with new ways to move your body and eat – so that she feels her best! More importantly, she always finds ways to treat herself and enjoy the foods she loves most.

It’s very interesting looking at how other people live their lives, especially celebrities who manage to look so good throughout the year no matter what. Let’s see what Vanessa has to share about her Keto and intermittent fasting experiences.

Keto Versus Intermittent Fasting

We’re constantly putting different eating patterns together and comparing them. I don’t think this is the right approach – so Vanessa has definitely onto something! Instead of choosing just one style, she likes to mix them together depending on what her lifestyle is like at the time.

She shares with People that she fast intermittently quite a bit lately. She says this is because she really loves pasta and pizza. She says that when she doesn’t get to eat carbs a little piece of her dies. To be honest, that seems to be the case with most of us! Then, she explains that when she first starts fasting, the first two weeks are the toughest. But after that, you start feeling grounded and powerful in your workouts. The bonus is that she can eat what she wants and then gets her nutrients from those foods.

Hudgens says she eats for six hours, between noon and 6 p.m. and fasts for the other 18. She explains that she feels like it’s a recipe that works best for her. Everyone is different, but for her, fasting has been the most beneficial eating pattern.

It’s Okay To Change Things Up

Yes, it’s not going to be a good thing if you’re binge eating and then going on restrictive diets all the time. However, it is okay to be flexible with your eating patterns. And adjust them when life changes and your previous eating pattern doesn’t fit in with the present happenings.

Hudgens says that it can be hard to stick to a six-hour eating window, especially when she’s filming.

keto [longevity live]

That’s why she often switches ‘back and forth’ between intermittent fasting and the keto diet. Vanessa says she loves it especially if you’ve got all the right ingredients. That way you will stay on track.

Too many people see fats as a negative ingredient in our diets, but Keto proves these thoughts wrong. Therefore, Hudgens tries to get in as many fats as possible when doing Keto. She says she eats A LOT of almond butter. The keto diet makes her feel really energetic and supported.

Changing things around is good for your body, but you still need some kind of consistency too. That’s why she has created a consistent exercise plan for herself. Vanessa says she feels like she’s found a recipe for her body that works. She loves SoulCycle for cardio, to keep her heart healthy and Pilates to lengthen, lean and tone. And of course, she doesn’t forget about yoga for her mental health.

What Does Her Workout Plan Look Like?

Hudgens tells People that her sweet spot is exercising six days a week.

However, she sometimes doubles up on classes each day. For example, she attends Pilates on Thursdays, but also goes to SoulCycle. She jokes that she’s basically always working out.  So much so that she even has her own activewear clothing line with AVIA.

The fit celeb says that your clothing when you workout is important because it acts as a serious confidence booster!

keto [longevity live]

She adds that fitness is a massive part of her existence. It is also no secret that she is an exercise fanatic. However, she still thinks it’s so important to feel good and confident in what you’re wearing, even when you’re working out.

Thank you to Vanessa for sharing her motivational fitness and eating secrets with us! Every bit of insight helps, but more importantly you need to establish what works best for you. I think it’s good to test out one or two styles and then see what works, be flexible and don’t be afraid to work in tandem.

Want to know more?

Too many choices have a mental and emotional effect on our health and we need to learn to narrow them down to what’s important. 2019 is a year of endless choices and opportunities. Good or bad? 


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