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It’s undeniable that Italian women have one or two tricks up their sleeves when it comes to beauty – I know – my family is Italian and my beautiful Aunts taught me so much – here are the five things I always try to remember that I thought you’d benefit from as well.

We know how much time in the sun is enough.

Let’s get one things straight, Italian’s are expert tanners. So if anyone here as ever been to an Italian beach, you may have been lucky enough to witness our exceptional tanning gear. Equipped with sunscreen, water spray, tanning goggles, waterproof head rests and minimal clothing (as tan lies are sacrilege) – we honestly have no shame. What’s important to understand, however, is that for the most part we know how much time Italian women | Longevity LIVE in the sun is enough as well, and if you are going get sun exposure, be safe. The idea is to be luminous today and not a leather couch tomorrow.

We follow the Mediterranean diet.

This cannot be said enough, one of the fundamental aspects to beauty is the food you eat. And the top nutrients known to feed your skin, hair and nails can be found in the Mediterranean diet. Now I say ‘can’ for a specific reason, because ‘pizza and pasta’ don’t really count, especially if you’re buying it from a frozen box at the supermarket and then warming it up in the microwave. You really need to stick to the fundamentals of simple Italian cooking which is full of fresh produce and rich in essential fatty acids such as seafood and olive oil.

Laziness is not an option.

Longevity women | Longevity LIVESome people like to call Italian women feisty or passionate, another term you could probably also use is high energy. When it comes to how day-to-day living unravels, the Italian culture is definitely to keep active. It’s more about what you can do to keep moving during the day, than to make a set time to go to the gym. “Stairs or elevator you ask? We’ll take the stairs thank you.”

Beauty rituals start at a young age.

Ciao bella.”

As one of the fashion capitals, it should come as no a surprise to you that a good understanding of beauty is part of the Italian culture. And how to look after your skin, hair and nails is knowledge often imparted from each generation italian women | Longevity LIVE of women to their daughters. The basics of a good beauty regime never change and by the time you’re in your 20s, knowing how to groom should become second nature.

We encourage confidence.

Being aware of your looks, knowing what you like about yourself and learning how to encourage beauty shouldn’t be something to shy away from. Sophia Loren once said, “It’s a lack of vanity that leads women in so many wrong directions in the quest for beauty. If you have a low opinion of your appearance, you are at the mercy of every shopgirl and every hairdresser who would give you a bad, if ‘fashionable’, advice about how you should look.”

Ciao tutti. I hope you have an amazing and beautiful day.


Marina Wildt

Marina Wildt is the Beauty & Fitness Editor at Longevity Magazine. She has a keen focus on the science behind beauty and aspires to always bring the latest innovations in these fields to the public and put forward reliable and trustworthy advice. In her spare time she likes to cook, do yoga and travel wherever she can.

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