It’s one thing to have a bad hair day, and it’s even worse to experience bad hair during a pandemic. If there’s one thing that we missed as we each went into lockdown, it was definitely our trips to the beauty salon. Now, while lockdown restrictions have eased, and many have fled to salons and spas in an effort to address the DIY-beauty looks that some of us made while we were stuck indoors, there are a few people that are still concerned about contracting the coronavirus. So, how do we address our beauty concerns, support the beauty industry and protect ourselves?

Carbon Joburg and Outdoor Blowdry Bar

Carbon understands and the Johannesburg-based salon brand has listened to the growing fears and concerns about going into salons due to the pandemic and as a result, has collaborated with two innovative brands: Glampalm and French Lemon to give you the Carbon Open Air Drybar experience! They have incorporated an outdoor, safe, and enjoyable hair experience that will leave you feeling and looking great.

Glam Palm

Carbon Open Air Drybar aims to provide people with a safe salon experience outdoors to ensure safety through open ventilated spaces. The Carbon team has not only taken advantage of online training and skill-improving courses during these crazy times, but also on COVID-19 and the impact it has had on fashion trends, the beauty industry, and the world at large, to ensure that they are always equipped, aware, skilled and on top when it comes to their industry and COVID-19 implications. Following strict COVID-19 protocols, they have created a space that ticks all the right boxes in terms of health and safety and remains professional and unique so that your overall experience is exceptional.

The outdoor experience

Not only does the new outdoor experience from Carbon help to reduce your risk and ease your fears, but spending some time outside can be great for your health.


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In addition to soaking up some much-needed vitamin D, which is essential for your health, being outside can help to enhance your immune system, creativity, energy as well as ease your stress levels.

The right brands for your curls

Carbon Joburg is constantly looking for sustainable products and cruelty-free brands that will help you maintain the health of your hair. The most notable brands include:

Kevin Murphy

The well-known hair brand has made every effort to be sustainable, adaptable, and cruelty-free. They use natural ingredients from sustainable and renewable sources that they have harvested in a sustainable and safe way. Additionally, they also utilize packaging that is recyclable or biodegradable.

The French Lemon

You can’t keep a mother and daughter duo down.

The French Lemon Soaps

The French Lemon is a vegan and cruelty-free brand. It was created by mother and daughter duo Vanessa Ralston and Kara-Leigh Baker, following Baker’s involuntary retrenchment in 2017.  It wasn’t long before the brand grew and consumers began to look to them for their bath and body needs.

If you’re wondering about the origins of their name and logo, that’s all thanks to their beloved bulldog Ian.

He was paralyzed. We fostered him first, and we were looking for a name for the company and my daughter was wile about the bulldog, and she wanted to call it The French Bulldog” explained Vanessa with a laugh. She then shares that she and her daughter compromised on the name, calling it the French Lemon because lemon is alive and fresh, and it has a number of benefits.

As for what sets them apart from other bath and body brands?

We’re sustainable, we make our products by hand, along with our soap maker Dude. We go to reputable suppliers and ensure that everything is safe” explains Vanessa. The brand is completely dedicated to sustainability. They use environmentally friendly packaging. Each of their products are free of sodium lauryl sulfate and palm oil. Additionally, their products are rich in organic and skin-friendly ingredients that include kaolin clay, coconut oil, and shea butter.

Additionally, if you’re wondering how such a small business managed to survive in the midst of a global pandemic, the answer is simple:

As we work with soaps and cleansing products, we managed to manufacture sanitizers and hand creams, because your hands dry with sanitizers, and we also produced moisturizing soaps with different shapes and our consumers appreciated this.


Glampalm came on board to introduce their advanced heat styling equipment. Their heat styling tools have incorporated natural healing stone elements into the ceramic technology while the design is beautifully crafted. They prevent hair damage, add shine and give hair an overall glossy luxurious finish.

The bottom line

At Carbon, their aim is to ensure that you get the hair you deserve. They’ve gone and created something fun and positive while remaining safe and aware of the current situation. As such, they look forward to seeing all their clients in the salon for a relaxing, safe time. Above all, they want to provide an enjoyable pampering session to unwind in the comfort of Mother Nature.

Want to know more?

The coronavirus pandemic has brought with it a list of rules and regulations. Now, in an industry that relies on intimacy, will you have to postpone your next spa day?

Pie Mulumba

Pie Mulumba

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