This past week Demi Moore  announced  a never-been-done-before family campaign titled “TOGETHER” with her daughters Rumer, Scout and Tallulah Willis. Shot by renowned photographer Cass Bird  (Photo credit), Demi and her daughters emulate unity, strength, and confidence across generations in Andie’s most-loved hero styles.

Demi Moore is no stranger to limelight

Demi Moore is no stranger when it comes to being in the body limelight. It wasn’t long ago that she opened up about her issues battling extremely restrictive eating and exercise addiction in her  memoir, ‘Inside Out.’ Demi spent a long time battling an unhealthy obsession with exercise and disordered eating.

Andie is a cross-generational brand

Andie is known for its thoughtfully designed, well-fitting swimwear for all sizes. The brand promise is to take the vulnerability and difficulty out of swimsuit shopping with a comprehensive online fit quiz and classic, stylish designs for every fit preference, activity and body. Indeed, during the pandemic, Andie grew over 100% growth from 2019 to 2020.

The power of Demi Moore

“Having Demi Moore and her daughters as the pillars of our TOGETHER campaign felt exactly right. This campaign happened very organically, and we’re happy to have grown such a tight knit relationship with Demi and her daughters. We are beyond excited for the future – together” – Melanie Travis, founder and CEO of Andie

“TOGETHER” encourages people to safely rejoice this summer together with family, friends and across generations.

Quoting the importance of connection

“Over the past year, connection has become more crucial than ever” says Moore. ” I’ve been a supporter of Andie from the beginning as an investor, and now, more than ever, felt like a perfect time to join them in welcoming a summer of freedom and togetherness.

Especially sharing it with my daughters! It was important to me to include my daughters in this campaign, and I hope others seize opportunities in their lives to create meaningful connections and celebrate every moment with the people they love.”





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