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Forty-three, this Columbian superstar could easily pass for ten to fifteen years younger than she really is. To be honest…Shakira hasn’t changed much in appearance since her arrival in the United States in 1998 at age 20. She’s just full of youth, but that kind of energy doesn’t just happen without some effort. There are some habits she needs to keep doing for her to look so young at age forty-three.

But if you ask Shakira what she does to keep herself looking so good, you’ll understand why her body is the way it is. Just like her co-star 2020 Super Bowl LIV Half-time Show performance partner Jennifer Lopez. Shakira is a mother of two children and works hard to achieve her fit physique. Although her routine is tough especially for a forty-three-year-old, it does keep her fit for the stage. She also keeps her endurance up so she has the stamina to dance for hours on worldwide tours in front of thousands of fans.

We have taken the time to find out what Shakira’s daily routine involves so that you can try to incorporate some of these habits into your routine too. This will help you, forty-three or not, achieve your stage-ready body!

Get Shakira’s Healthy Body at Forty-Three

If you’ve ever watched Shakira perform whilst she’s on stage then you’ll know that she dances for most of it. Therefore, it is no surprise to us that at age forty-three she does a lot of dance-based fitness to keep her in shape. Apparently, an integral part of her exercise routine is completing her good friend and trainer Anna Kaiser’s signature dance interval workouts. Shakira kick starts every Monday morning with a 90-minute sweat session. That’s exactly why she looks so amazing!

Kaiser explains that the focus of this workout is cardio endurance. She says that she wants Shakira to push through with a few breaks for the entire 90 minutes. However, Shakira is also an experienced belly dancer and often brings her own touch to the training session. Apparently, she tends to make some of the movements her own by adding flair to her hips. The point is that Shakira chooses to have fun with her workout even though it’s super intense.

Discipline, Diet And A Great Attitude

Not only is it about being consistent with your healthy habits, but it’s also about having the right mindset and a good attitude. You see Shakira always does her best to find joy in the movement she does, and that joy is found most when she dances. We often recommend finding things that you enjoy when you move rather than forcing yourself to move just because it’s exercise.


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More importantly, age is just a number. Shakira at forty-three trains six days a week, with only Sundays off. To get stage-ready she had to consciously be ‘more diligent’ daily. And lucky for you, all the choreography in Shakira’s workouts are available at her studios, so fans can also get into shape like the star. The AKT training focuses on four areas, including toning, circuits, dance, and bands. Shakira especially enjoys training her abs. I mean, who doesn’t? The forty-three-year-old star likes to switch things up. She often does side-to-side planks with 20-pound dumbbells or normal planks and triceps push-ups.

Kaiser says that one of Shakira’s go-to moves is a downward-facing dog yoga position where her feet are on a box (or couch). She then does shoulder presses with her feet elevated. She admitted she also does the AKT arm series a lot, even making the moves backstage at the Super Bowl. Besides all her training, Shakira admits that she had to be quite disciplined with her diet.

The forty-three-year-old superstar had to cut out sugar and dairy. She also started to focus on good quality lean protein and lots of vegetables. She would also eat many meals throughout the day because her days were very long. More importantly, she had to stay hydrated. And whenever she got a craving for a sweetie, she would use creative ways to substitute it for healthier options. Since the star is a chocolate lover, she didn’t want to deprive herself of it either.  There are still ways to indulge but without sugar.

Shakira’s Healthy Body Schedule

We thought it might be insightful to read a little more about Shakira’s exercise routine.


Every Tuesday, the forty-three-year-old dedicates her training to muscular endurance. This means doing a full-strength, 60-minute workout designed to burn every muscle in the body. The main focus is on building lean and defined muscle tone, particularly around the core area. Every exercise has to be a full-body exercise. Kaiser explains that she never just focuses on one body part because there’s always a larger goal. So when she trains her core, it is part of an entire workout.


This is the day when Shakira sticks to a quicker and more intense workout. Kaiser says they did a 30-minute circuit workout, which included 1.5-minute high-intensity power moves going straight into a 2-minute lunge series. They repeat this eight times.

The reason for this workout is to add an element of power to your week to amp up the intensity and really push your stamina. However, they always make it exciting by bringing in fresh new music to pump up the energy and create good vibes too.forty-three and fit like Shakira


Shakira is a busy forty-three-year-old and has to keep her schedule flexible. She often switches between Sundays and Thursdays for rest days. It’s important to note that she is even more diligent with her nutritious diet, which consists of eating small meals. Her meals include a turkey and lettuce wrap or tomatoes drizzled in olive oil and sea salt every two to three hours to keep energy levels up throughout the day.

Then leading up to the Super Bowl, it’s all about vegetables and healthy protein, as well as going sugar-free as much as possible. In addition to eating healthy and drinking plenty of water, Kaiser has Shakira add Alkamind Daily Minerals to alkalize her body. She also ensures that she gets enough sleep because it is essential to her progress.


Although you might not be rehearsing for a massive performance, you do want to stay fit and look young for longer. That’s why it helps to learn these tips to start slowly incorporating them into your routine. You don’t have to be as regimented but it’s good to have a structure.

On the Friday before the show, they provided Shakira with myofascial release, which is a form of self-massage by using a foam roller. This is a brilliant technique to use before you start exercising because it warms up your body and prevents injury. It also loosens up any tight knots in your muscles.

We often forget to incorporate the recovery part. It’s easy to do the training, but it’s essential to do the foam rolling especially at forty-three. You see, forty-three or not, fascia can build up from the upper body to the legs and feet which can result in a lot of muscle soreness. Foam rolling can help soothe sore muscles and gently improve joint range of motion. This is also integral to aging youthfully.

After foam rolling, Shakira then does a 45-minute toning workout which incorporates additional dynamic stretches between strength moves. This is to make sure Shakira is ‘ready to perform at her best.’


Weekends are busy too for the forty-three-year-old superstar.

Shakira will complete a 30-minute circuit workout in the rehearsal space. As you can imagine hours of rehearsals are pretty tough, however even if your day has been busy it’s still possible to push through a quick but intense workout. It’s good to get the blood pumping.

Kaiser recommends high-intensity interval workouts (HIIT) because they include short bursts of strength and cardio. They are ultra-efficient with optimal results.

Shakira is a forty-three-year-old mom, superstar, wife, business owner, and philanthropist. Yet she always saves time to keep herself in top tip shape. That’s an inspiration for us all.


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As mentioned, Shakira likes to switch between Thursdays and Sundays for her rest days. However, if she does do something on a Sunday she enjoys a swim in the pool for 30 minutes in the afternoon. Then in the evening, she does a strength workout with Kaiser via FaceTime after the kids go to bed.

Kaiser says she always gives her the option to take the day off. But it’s best to listen to your body’s needs, especially at forty-three.

However, as usual, we know that the best results are found within the kitchen at forty-three and any other age. A good, wholesome diet is what will make you look and feel the best for the longest. According to Delish, Shakira alternates between eating 60 percent vegetables and 40 percent protein and then eating 80 percent veggies and 20 percent protein.

Usually, Shakira eats black coffee for breakfast, a salad and fish for lunch, soup for a snack, skirt steak with grilled tomatoes and spinach for dinner, and dark chocolate for dessert.’

Hopefully, you can use some of these tips in your daily lifestyle and note that it’s very important to eat healthy regularly and get in some frequent movement to keep your body feeling and looking its best. Even at forty-three. You got this!

Jennifer Lopez has amazing abs, a tight body, and youthful skin that could pass for a 20-year-old. How does she do it?


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