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For the past 4 weeks, Longevity has been keeping up with Dr. Peter Grossman’s “Beauty and the BS” podcast. Following his Longevity Series, which featured world-renowned longevity experts, we were able to sit down with the host himself. His formidable lineup of guests, including Aubrey de Gray, Charles Brenner, and Brian Kennedy, provided insight on various intriguing topics related to longevity.

This week, we spoke to Dr. Grossman for our #WellnessWednesday feature. As president of the Los Angeles Society of Plastic Surgeons, he is a board-certified plastic surgeon, with his private medical practice divided between cosmetic and reconstructive surgery and the care of burn-injured patients. 

Outer Beauty Begins Within

The world has seen a rise in people being more concerned about “the inside” in terms of health. While he is a plastic surgeon, Dr. Grossman shares that inward health has always been a core focus of his. He compares the importance of this to a house. While it may have a stunning coat of paint, if the foundation is unstable, it will not be sustainable over time. He shares that any type of outward appearance needs to be preceded by an internal structure. Basically, your journey to looking and feeling good begins with what you’re putting in. 

Is Aging Really Inevitable?

Dr. Grossman shares how the term “aging is inevitable” bothers him. He describes the body as a machine that will keep accumulating damage over time. This is essentially what aging is. While we may not be able to stop it, we can slow it down. He helps us establish what aging is, and how it manifests.

Lessons From The Podcast

When asked what he learned from the podcast episodes, he mentions one common thing we hear from many who are aging gracefully: live healthily. This means eating healthy, exercising, and staying away from smoking and alcohol. As informative as the episodes were, did they change any of his personal views?

Achieving A Healthy Lifespan Is Possible

He reveals that this made him realize that we have a long way to achieve a lifespan that allows us to live in good health. It’s definitely a possibility. Citing therapies and treatments such as robotic surgery, targeted cancer cell therapies, and stem cell therapy can help us achieve the goal of a greater health span. Dr. Grossman shares how almost everything that science called a possibility, ultimately becomes available. Surely this is something we can expect in this regard. 

Possible Use of Semaglutide

He briefly mentions semaglutide. Not only does this medicine help the pancreas release the correct amount of insulin when blood sugar rises, but with some research suggesting it could even aid weight loss, it could be a game changer for overall health. However, Dr. Grossman does warn that although results seem promising, we must still be cautious as consumers. 

Dr. Grossman is looking as amazing as ever at the age of 60. To hear more about the progress in finding a solution to aging, find out what his secret to staying youthful and radiant is, and how to best prioritize your inward health, watch the full interview below:

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