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Now that the world is spending much more time at home, your space should be as cozy and as comfortable as possible. You want to enjoy spending time at home amidst all the worry and anxiety that has characterized this quarantine period. There’s a need to stay positive, motivated, and inspired, and there is no better way to revitalize your spirits than creating a beautiful atmosphere around you. Here are a few ways that you can make your home cozy to alleviate the negative emotions brought about by this pandemic.

1. Declutter

One of the things that makes a house feel congested is clutter. Decongest your home by getting rid of the things that you no longer need. This will free up more space and make your home feel airy and more spacious. The place will look organized and tidy. As they say, “tidy room, tidy mind.” You will instantly feel relaxed, less stressed and anxious, and more at peace in your tidy and organized space. Consider rearranging the furniture to create a fresh look. It’s also a good way to create space in most frequented rooms such as the living room. You will need space for your kids to move around at this time so that they are not required to go outside to play.Safe Home for aging parent

2. Add a plant

An indoor plant does much more for your home than improving the interior. It will clean the air and reduce pollutants, creating an illusion of freshness while adding life to any room. With this, you will feel calm and relaxed as you spend time at home. The good thing is that it requires limited space, making it an ideal interior décor option for any apartment. Also, nurturing it gives you something to do in the many hours you’ve got sitting at home. If you are lucky enough to have a garden, put some flowers in a vase to bring a part of the outside inside. Click here for 8 ways to bring nature into your home through decor.

3. Remodel your home

Home remodeling is a major project that you have probably been putting aside due to lack of time. Now that you have some time on your hands, it might be time for you to consider making a few changes to give your home a cozy and stylish feel. There are several ideas that you can consider for home remodeling that will make your space an enjoyable space to stay in during and after quarantine.

  • Repaint the walls with an inviting color that reflects the natural light inside. Warm colors work brilliantly in this regard
  • Improve on the landscape in your backyard to create beautiful spaces outside that you can enjoy from the inside as well as the out
  • Remodel your kitchen to reflect the modern kitchen of your dreams
  • Knock down a wall to make your small apartment feel and appear more spacious

4. Create a cozy nook for yourself

There is probably chaos with everyone at home during this time when everyone is requested to stay home. You will once in a while require a cozy nook where you can meditate or just to cool off some steam. Get a comfortable chair and throw in a blanket and some pillows. This will give a nice place to read a book or catch some me time.

Photo by Logan Nolin with Unsplash

5. Add texture with some soft furnishings

Soft furnishings have a way of making a room feel cozy. Get small faux-furry rugs for your floors, fluffy pillows for your bed, and silky throws for your sofa. You can also add a blanket for the sofa. Ensure that the accessories match up with your theme so that they improve the interior décor in the home. These accessories will make you feel comfortable when you want to catch a movie late at night, or you need to spend more time working on your bed. You can also get something to cuddle if you are not lucky enough to have a pet.

6. Invest in a diffuser

A fragrant smell can change the ambiance of any room to make it more appealing, calming, and inviting. There are various options if you want to enjoy a welcome scent in your home, but the best is probably a good-quality diffuser. Try to avoid scented or aromatherapy candles. Most of these contain ingredients like paraffin or paraffin wax, synthetic oils, and petroleum byproducts. When these ingredients burn, they release harmful compounds that not only contribute to indoor air pollution but can also have negative effects on your health. Click on this link to find out which other toxins you might unknowingly be spreading through your bedroom.

A diffuser offers just the opposite. You can enjoy myriad wellness benefits, including

pouring essential oil into handstress relief, aromatherapy, defense against mosquitoes and mold, and safe scent-dispersion. Oil diffusers turn essential oils into vapor through heat, which is then spread through your living space. You can also play around with a variety of scents and essential oils because you won’t be tied down to one main scent. By discovering the different ways you can use essential oils in your life, you can vary their use around your home. Peppermint essential oil, for example, helps to wake one up, while lavender oil creates a relaxing atmosphere.

Bottom Line

The quarantine time has forced most of us to stay home, and the period seems to be unending. This is not the time to stay in dull, boring spaces. Spruce up your home with the above tips that will ensure you have a cozy home that you can enjoy going back to even after this unsettling period is over.

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