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Time waits for no man or woman. Life is busy, whether it’s attending boardroom meetings or helping the kids with homework, your work is never done. While it is easy to get carried away in the hustle and bustle of it all, you must be careful not to ever forget to take care of yourself.  Self-care is a necessary addition to your day; it will improve your mood as well as your emotional and mental health. When I say self-care I don’t only mean meditating or reading a book, although all that is also a good way to de-stress and have a good time. 

Here are some essential self-care tips you need to adopt, right now!

A good sleep schedule

You might not realize it but your bad sleep schedule is the reason for your irritability and lack of energy throughout the day. Go to bed early and wake up early, it is recommended to have at least 7-9 hours of sleep. To sleep better, avoid caffeine and sugar before bed as they keep you awake and keep you away from your electronic devices. 

Spend time outdoors

Spending time with nature can be fuelled towards adapting to good emotional and mental health, studies have shown that spending time with nature improves mood and leads to an increase in self-esteem. Physically engaging yourself in the great outdoors such as working out once a week or just taking a leisurely stroll in the local park has proven to help people struggling with their mental health.

Dress up once in a while

It’s important to take care of yourself. Take a day off. Shave or use Professional Laser hair removal devices, wear your favorite party dress, go out, and have a good time. Socializing is key to living a healthy life, spending time with family and friends. Invest your time into building and nurturing relationships. 

self care [longevity live]Listen to Music

You’re not alone when you smile when listening to a good song. Research has proved that listening to music is good for your health, and happy music is a stimulus for creative thinking and a good mood. Including music in your self-care routine is as enjoyable as effective.

In fact, music can be your solution to many problems such as insomnia and stress as it is known to improve the immune system as well as confidence.

Retail Therapy

It’s essential to treat yourself, buy yourself a little something, or go on a shopping spree, but there is no doubt that at the end of the day you’ll be smiling. It doesn’t have to be shiny or expensive, but it is important to appreciate yourself. 

Eat Right

The food we eat contributes to our energy level and mood throughout the week, not to mention the obvious, but our physical health as well. A good diet can help reduce memory loss, inflammation, and diabetes. A must-have in your diet is fish, nuts, vegetables, and brassica, a reduction in sugars, fats and salts would help you adapt to a healthy diet. 

Schedule your self-care time, and guard that time with everything you have.


It can be hard for us all to find extra time. Self-care advocate Brad Krause says it’s extremely critical to plan for regular self-care time.

“Moments alone can help you to ponder the best ways to move forward in your life and keep you grounded. And moments with friends can help you feel more connected and relaxed.”

Whether you decide you want to go for a long walk, take a hot bath, or enjoy a good movie with friends, taking self-care time is imperative.

Look for small ways you can incorporate it into everyday life; for example, you might wake up 15 minutes earlier to sit with a cup of tea and practice deep breathing before the chaos of the day begins, or you might take a walk around the block on your lunch break.

The more you can work self-care into your schedule, the better you’ll be able to grow, enjoy your life, and thrive.

Main Photo Credit by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash


Em Sloane

I am an introverted nature lover, and freelance writer. I love sharing new insights on how to live a healthier life using nature's gifts. Be kind. Be generous. Love. Peace. Humanity.

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