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What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger…and a spiritually awakened human being (if you undergo energy healing). Moving through life means meeting both blessings and hardships along the way. Of course, we only ever desire the former. Undeniably, someone’s misfortunes are not intentional. Nobody consciously seeks handicap, death, or financial loss because of the pain it elicits.

Nevertheless, many philosophers would argue that difficulties are just blessings in disguise; they provide a chance to meet yourself truly. Countless stories of notable figures detail how suffering emerged as an opportunity to unlock a greater sense of self.  Yet, what does this process of transmuting adversity into awakening require? Well, the phoenix that rises from the ashes is probably the one that visits the edge of self-discovery through something called “quantum healing”.

How a life-threatening event lit the path of quantum healing

On this week’s Wellness Wednesday, we interviewed Heather Linn, author of the memoir “No Gold Without the Dragon”. She is a quantum energy healer, psychic reader, spiritual coach, teacher, and founder of Emerald Wisdom School. Linn discussed the contents of her book, which reflects her transformational journey as a spiritual healer. She hopes to shed light on the highs and lows of walking the path of awakening to heal and find meaning.

At 21 years old, a serious car accident led Linn to have what she called an “out-of-body experience”. She entered a spiritual realm with completely different rules from its earthly counterpart. Consequently, she had the option to either continue into the light or go back into her body. But an overwhelming sense of having a soul mission to fulfill prompted her to choose the latter.

“In the recovery process, I was connected with my [spirit] guides. I was told very clearly that my purpose was to heal myself, first and foremost, and then others once I was ready to do so. So, that really set me on the life path of a healer and exploring what that was and what I needed to do [to] step into that role of being in service of others,” shared Linn.

What is quantum healing?

Quantum healing forms part of the broad definition of energy medicine. It looks at the impact of quantum physics on well-being. The goal is to promote self-healing by employing various quantum healing techniques (such as meditation, biofeedback, energy work, etc.).

To understand it, we need to look at the quantum universe. It is theorized that absolutely everything (big and small) is energy. Everything is connected, and all energy carries information (a vibrational signature) that can be tuned into.

Therefore, the smallest thing that influences a person’s energy system will automatically affect all the layers of their being (physical, emotional, spiritual, etc.) because it’s all connected. Linn explained that working with somebody’s energy requires tapping into that person’s vibrational signature, which can be either high or low. Effectively, quantum healing is about applying these quantum principles of energy and information to heal the mind, body, and spirit.

The quantum healer will first identify energy imbalances in the body. Thereafter, the healer will facilitate the necessary energetic shifts – with conscious intention – to restore balance. It can be used to aid people who are sick, dealing with emotional turmoil, or feeling spiritually detached. But on a greater level, this energy work enables self-discovery and a heightened sense of self.

Science is beginning to define what mystics and healers have known for eons

Modern medicine focuses mainly on treating the physical aspects of human beings. However, it neglects the many non-physical aspects that influence our interactions with our environment and other living things. These interactions allow us to create and absorb information in the form of energy fields, and science is slowly starting to recognize its effect on our health.

Quantum healing treats the whole human being and spotlights our non-physical aspects. It describes how the energy of our thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes molds how we experience illness and well-being in our lives. Substantial evidence has indicated how our perception of our environment can either profoundly suppress or enhance our immune system. That’s why a stressful work/family setting can lead to you frequenting the doctor’s office.

In reality, every system of the body is a channel for energy communication, and research has found that these channels impact our emotions. Energy medicine is not intended for energy medicine to replace conventional medicine/treatments.  Instead, it can offer a holistic approach to health.

“It’s almost as if science is catching up or putting a language to what mystics, healers, and seers have known for years. They’ve been working this way for centuries. But we now have a language with it, particularly with the new science. There’s a much greater acceptance within the scientific community of energy medicine,” discussed Linn.

No gold without the dragon

The initial motivation behind Linn’s book, “No Gold Without the Dragon”, is to normalize and create awareness of energy healing work in mainstream culture. But, in the process of writing it, she found that the spiritual lessons and opportunities given by adversity deserve special focus.

She garnered evidence in the form of her personal story – as well as nearly 50 case studies from her clients – in her book. She referred to her car accident and newfound abilities as “dragons” because of the initial challenges they created in her life. But she ultimately unearthed “spiritual gold” that she may not have discovered otherwise.

“That’s where the title came from, ‘No Gold Without the Dragon.” When we befriend [the dragons], make them our allies, and learn from them rather than slay them – which is the conventional way of dealing with dragons – they become great teachers on our spiritual path. Dragons can represent many things in our lives,” enlightened Linn.

Heal by turning your damaged perspective into an empowered one

Quantum healing is an alchemical process (turning lead into gold). Take the lead (i.e., the biggest challenge in your life) and slowly start transmuting it into gold (i.e., an opportunity or lesson). However, this practice requires shifts in perception and attitude, alongside accountability for the things that we have attracted into our energy fields and lives.

The medical field generally sticks to a symptom-based model. This means it largely overlooks the complex aspects that make up the unique condition of each person. Linn expressed the importance of addressing the root cause of our woes instead of catering to the symptoms. Quantum healers will walk down a path of deep self-discovery with their clients to identify exactly why an issue has come up to resolve it. This approach is empowering because it factors in the many nuances of the human being’s circumstance.

The bottom line

Adversity offers a unique key to the spiritual realm. But there is no guarantee of awakening unless you walk along the self-discovery path. Linn’s book tells her remarkable story of transformation, with insights that can help you reflect on where you stand in your spiritual journey.

Purchase your copy and feel inspired. Perhaps the dragon in your life has directions to your spiritual gold and, hopefully, an empowered existence.

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Article Image Source: Emerald Wisdom School


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