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What makes a good book? Exciting? Informative? Funny? Looking to better understand the science of aging, or for a guide to how you can improve your longevity?   Well then, by adding the following books to your library we will help you do just that.

Reading for Longevity: Books To Boost Your Health

1.  Jellyfish Age Backwards: Nature’s Secrets to Longevity by Nicklas Brendborg

Molecular scientist Nick Brendborg is our guide in this deep dive into the complex sciences of aging and longevity, and how these play out in the natural world. His skills as a raconteur ensure that his readers are both entertained and educated by the stories and secrets of some of the Earth’s longest-living creatures.

The sum of what we know about aging is growing every year. This book looks at the work undertaken by some of the world’s top scientists to extend the period of time that we can continue to live without disease and decline.

From the Turritopsis jellyfish in question (and its Benjamin Button-like abilities) to Methuselah, a 5 000-year-old bristlecone pine in a secret location in the White Mountains of California, and to the varying – and sometimes bizarre – ways in which modern science is trying to stop the body’s aging clock, Brendborg takes you on an exhilarating ride that, at times, feels like Ponce de Léon’s expedition through Florida in search of the Fountain of Youth. 

Brendborg manages to make intricate science both interesting and accessible, offering true insight into nature’s secrets to longevity.

Available at leading bookstores and online.

2. Intelligent Fitness by Simon Waterson

Look, move, feel, sleep and recover like a film star.

This is the promise Simon Waterson makes – and he’s well placed to make it. His job, after all, is to turn actors into athletes. He transformed Daniel Craig into the formidable James Bond for five blockbuster films, and shaped Chris Evans for his role in Captain America. He has also worked with many other leading actors.

Waterson’s philosophy is that aesthetics is a byproduct of performance, and the information he provides is designed to provide readers with the confidence to get results. 

And you don’t have to be a superhero or 007 either. Many of his clients are just everyday men and women who want to look and feel good. Whatever your age or stage of life, Waterson believes you can start right now and get great results.

The book is not just about fitness, but also about nutrition and healthy lifestyle insights. He encourages readers to focus on training, recovery, and nutrition, to build on performance, rather than aesthetics. It’s easy to read, with lots of illustrations, so you know what to do. 

Intelligent Fitness is a good read for anyone who wants to get their body and mind into better shape this coming year.

Available at leading bookstores and online.

3. Your Health in Your Hands by Dr Emeka Okorocha

In a world where we’re bombarded with misinformation, if only there were a book that had all the answers for you and your health before you even thought of asking the questions.

In Your Health in Your Hands, Dr Emeka Okorocha urges us to take charge of our body. He provides an almost how-to guide for boosting health and wellness. Compiled in an easily digestible manner, likely influenced by his growing presence on TikTok, where information is easily and quickly absorbed, the book offers simple lifestyle hacks that you can start to follow today. 

Sprinkled with medical facts, delicious recipes, and effective mental exercise, the handbook encourages a hands-on approach to improving your health. It’s easy to read, and offers solutions, and preventive tips, to various health concerns. 

Whatever your age, Dr Okorocha offers you the perfect guide for staying on top of your health in the coming year, so you can better protect your longevity.

Available at leading bookstores and online.


A Longevity shoutout to Pawel Czerwinski for a great cover image –  Unsplash

Johane du Toit

Johane du Toit

Johané du Toit is the Health Writer at Longevity Magazine. With an Honours degree in journalism from the North-West University at Potchefstroom, she has a keen interest in medical and scientific innovations and aspires to provide the public with the latest reliable news in the fields of medicine, fitness, wellness, and science. Johane is happiest outdoors, preferably near a large body of water or in the mountains, and loves waterskiing, cooking, travelling and reading.

The content in this editorial is for general information only and is not intended to provide medical or other professional advice. For more information on your medical condition and treatment options, speak to your healthcare professional.

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