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Longevity Live Paid Content. If you have been involved in a workplace incident that led to an injury or illness, you’re often entitled to workers’ compensation. This is a form of medical benefits and wage replacement from your employer’s insurance company, mandated by the government, to cover your related costs until you return to work. 

Being off work for any length of time can take its toll on your mind and body, particularly when you’re facing a potentially new way of life on your eventual return. If you’ve been worrying about how challenging it’s going to be to re-enter the workforce, consider following the advice below.

Hire A Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Trying to navigate the legal world of workers’ compensation on your own, can be stressful, which is why many individuals put their faith in Williams & Kamb Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

When you entrust your legal situation with lawyers who manage workers’ compensation cases every day, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing you’re in good hands. They can work through the intricacies of your case, offer advice on the steps you should take, and make sure you’re aware of your rights. 

They can also be a source of information when you’re eventually given your return-to-work notice, something that can be overwhelming for any injured or ill worker to receive. 

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Put Your Recovery First

Even though the whole reason for being off work is to focus on recovering from your illness or injury, some insurance companies and workplace management can make that challenging. 

With piles of paperwork, legal requirements, and instructions for you to follow, you’re more likely to experience stress than serenity. As important as following your employer’s guidelines can be, it’s even more important to put your recovery first. Get plenty of rest and let your mind and body heal before getting ready to return to work. 

Fortunately, by hiring workers’ compensation lawyers, you’re in a much better position to do this since they can take care of most of the paperwork on your behalf. 

Follow Your Doctor’s Orders

No matter the reason for your workers’ compensation claim, it’s crucial to follow your doctor’s orders from day one. They may recommend medication, physical therapy, exercise, follow-up appointments, tests, and more. 

As arduous as all of these instructions and tracking your recovery can be, they are essential for several reasons. Firstly, following your doctor’s orders is in your best interest for your recovery time. You may be able to receive a clean bill of health sooner when you put time and effort into self-care

It can also be an important process for your employer’s insurance requirements. Actively working on becoming well enough to go back to work is their insurance company’s ultimate goal. It can also be how they make sure your injuries genuinely are what you say they are. You will have your doctor visits as a paper trail. 

Keep the Lines of Communication Open

Every employee on workers’ compensation will be off for a different length of time, depending on their injury or illness. Everyone also heals at different speeds, and doctors put recommendations in place based on how the employee is tracking with their recovery.

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Given that there is no real estimate for how long you will be off from work, make sure you keep your employer in the loop. Keep them updated with what your doctors are saying and how you’re feeling after your incident. Otherwise, they may have no idea what measures they will need to put in place on your return or even what to expect. 

Communication is also imperative during your doctor’s appointments. Make sure you note down every symptom, side effect, ache, and pain you’ve been feeling on your recovery journey. Even though they might seem insignificant, they can be added to your medical records. 

This can be important if those minor niggles ever become life-changing problems. There will be a paper trail alluding to them, which can add weight to your claim when viewed by insurance companies. 

Don’t Push Yourself  To Return Too Soon

Lying on the sofa while watching TV or reading books can be challenging for your mental health. You might feel bored and unproductive and just want to get back to work as soon as possible. Your mind might be ready, but that’s not to say your body is. 

Always listen to your doctor for their advice on your return to work. They may recommend a staggered return with short days or increased physical therapy before you’re truly ready. 

Your doctor might also suggest that work can resume with restrictions and employer accommodations,. This may include having extra breaks, avoiding heavy lifting, and not standing for long periods. 

However, even if you have received a return-to-work notice before you’re entirely fit, don’t push yourself. Talk to your doctor and workers’ compensation lawyer to make sure it’s in your best interest. 

Final Thoughts

As urgent as the need might be for you to return to work, you must put your well-being first. Follow your doctor’s and lawyer’s recommendations, don’t push yourself, and give your body the rest it needs.

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