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In the United States’ rapidly expanding healthcare staffing industry, exceptional companies gain recognition for their continued growth. In August 2022, Staffing Industry Analysts (or SIA) named Cincinnati-based Health Carousel as the country’s 19th-largest healthcare staffing firm. Health Carousel’s inclusion on the 2022 list marks the 6th year the company has been included in this distinctive group.

The SIA Largest U.S. Healthcare Staffing Firms list included 81 revenue-ranked healthcare staffing companies. Each listed firm achieved $50 million or more in temporary staffing revenue during 2021. Longevity Live Partner Content. 

Health Carousel Earns 3 SIA Healthcare Staffing Specialty Awards

Health Carousel also garnered three additional SIA Awards during the 2022 cycle. These accolades demonstrate the company’s notable achievements in several healthcare staffing specialties:

  • SIA Largest Travel Nurse Staffing Firms in the U.S. (18th out of 69)
  • SIA Largest Locum Tenens Staffing Firms in the U.S. (20th out of 27)
  • SIA Largest Allied Healthcare Staffing Firms in the U.S. (16th out of 43)

Health Carousel CEO Recognizes Employees’ Contributions

Health Carousel CEO John Sebastian emphasizes that the firm’s employees are the catalyst for the company’s continued growth. He says associates in all roles have contributed to Health Carousel’s ongoing achievements.

“The pursuit of our higher purpose – to improve lives and make healthcare work better – drives our team forward as we strive for continued growth. This would not be possible without our employees’ sustained excellent work and commitment to our higher purpose.

As we continue to grow, we are increasingly enabled to reach the lives of patients across the U.S. We would like to express our deepest thanks to our clients and clinicians for their trust in what we do, and to our sales, recruiting, and administrative staff for driving our growth year after year. We owe it all to them,” John Sebastian concludes.

Staffing Industry Analysts’ Rankings Method

Staffing Industry Analysts is a well-regarded worldwide staffing and workforce solutions consultancy. The company utilizes preset criteria to rank United States staffing firms.

Each business receives a rank that corresponds to its compound annual growth rate (or CAGR) in staffing revenues. Each company’s five-year performance determines its place on the list. The Braff Group, a respected mergers and acquisitions advisory firm, sponsored SIA’s 2022 List.

The Health Carousel Mission Takes Shape

In 2004, Health Carousel’s founders opened the healthcare staffing agency in Cincinnati, OH. Like many successful businesses, astute business leaders launched the company in response to a market need.

Here, they learned that healthcare services were seriously lacking in many communities across the country. A shortage of healthcare professionals, especially Registered Nurses, was affecting hospitals’ and medical practice’s ability to deliver timely patient care.

Following this alarming realization, the company’s founders developed a mission that continues to carry Health Carousel forward today. The founders wanted to ensure that “every American has access to high-quality healthcare when and where they need it.”   

Understaffing Has Long Been a Nationwide Problem

To fulfill the Health Carousel mission, United States healthcare facilities must have enough healthcare professionals to meet patients’ needs. However, that has not been the case for many decades. Because of chronic understaffing, existing staff have often been compelled to work additional hours. 

To further complicate the issue, some geographic areas’ medical facilities see seasonal patient fluctuations. To illustrate, clinics in beach vacation spots may see more patients in the summer. In contrast, regions with warm winters may see large numbers of winter resident (or “snowbird”) patients.

The 21st Century Brings Additional Staffing Challenges

In the 21st century, several additional dynamics are in play. Many experienced healthcare professionals are aging out of the profession. Others are retiring early (or switching careers) due to job stress, especially resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Finally, the United States’ expanding senior population typically requires more medical services than younger demographics. To serve these patients, specialty medical practices, diagnostic facilities, and ambulatory surgical centers also require trained healthcare professionals.

The Health Carousel Ethical Recruitment Solution

To ease the healthcare staffing shortage, today’s Health Carousel was launched as Global Scholarship Alliance in 2004. This company was dedicated to the ethical, responsible recruitment of foreign-trained healthcare professionals.

At the same time, the firm wanted to ensure that the origin countries’ healthcare infrastructure remained intact. To accomplish this goal, the company established scholarships to train the countries’ healthcare professionals. Today, Health Carousel continues these programs, directed at increasing participating nations’ Registered Nurse complement.

In recognition of its efforts, Health Carousel has been named a “Certified Ethical Recruiter.” The Alliance for Ethical Recruitment Practices, a non-profit that promotes fair, transparent recruitment of global healthcare workers, gave Health Carousel this designation.

Health Carousel Continues to Meet the Industry’s Challenges

In the 21st century, Health Carousel welcomes Registered Nurses, physicians and advanced practice professionals, and allied health professionals to its quality brands. Professionals at varied career levels enjoy permanent, temp-to-perm, and contract assignments.

To date, Health Carousel has positively impacted more than 10 million patients’ lives. By providing United States healthcare facilities with quality staffing solutions, patients are better able to receive quality care in a timely manner.

Industry Knowledge and Recruitment Technology Applications

To enable the delivery of quality staffing solutions, Health Carousel’s seasoned recruiters utilize their deep healthcare industry knowledge and regional market expertise. They also have access to updated recruitment technology. Together, these advantages enable recruiters to find the right candidate for each open position.

Of course, meeting these goals in an ethical manner is extremely important. Health Carousel always adheres to ethical recruiting and hiring standards. Since its 2004 inception, the company has received numerous awards for its dedication to ethical recruitment practices.

Health Carousel Establishes Four Staffing Divisions

Today, each complex healthcare staffing challenge includes multiple components. Health Carousel’s four divisions are each designed to resolve a specific healthcare staffing issue.

Health Carousel Travel Nursing

Although hiring foreign-trained healthcare professionals would help ease the Registered Nurse shortage, many medical facilities are unable to wait two years (or longer) for these workers to arrive. To address this time-sensitive need, Health Carousel established the Health Carousel Travel Nursing (or HCTN) Division. Health Carousel Travel Nursing provides qualified Registered Nurses to hospitals and medical practices across all 50 states.

The efficient HCTN operations infrastructure enables resourceful recruiters to quickly identify Registered Nurse candidates in a specific region. Nurses with specialty skills and/or certifications may see higher demand for their services. Travel nurses generally receive short- to mid-duration assignments with a choice of starting dates.

Health Carousel Locum Tenens

Skilled physicians, and specialized advanced practice professionals, enable United States healthcare facilities to deliver high-level patient care. When these healthcare professionals take time off, the Health Carousel Locum Tenens (or HCLT) Division works with clients to fill these temporary openings.

To staff each position, knowledgeable HCLT recruiters search the state’s physician and advanced practice professional database. After a recruiter finds the best candidate for each opening, the HCLT support team quickly completes the credentialing and hiring tasks. When each highly skilled professional begins their assignment, they are equipped to provide the medical facility’s patients with quality patient care.   

Health Carousel Workforce Solutions

Each hospital or medical practice has a defined set of workforce challenges, each requiring a targeted solution. That’s where Health Carousel Workforce Solutions (or HCWS) really shines.

To get the ball rolling, the HCWS Chief Nursing Officer’s team of clinical specialists carefully studies the medical facility’s staffing issues. After the team designs a workable solution for each one, experienced workforce management experts implement and fine-tune the program(s).

Managed Service Provider Solutions

Finding each staffing problem’s root cause will provide a more effective (and enduring) solution. To begin, the Health Carousel Managed Services Provider (or MSP) Team frames the challenge and its key contributing factors. Clinically supervised workforce specialists apply both technology and industry expertise to create a targeted staffing solution.

With the core problem addressed, the medical facility requires substantially fewer contingent staff. This translates into lower expenses and higher overall revenues. Concurrently, the facility’s staff may also enjoy higher job satisfaction and be better equipped to provide quality patient care.

Health Carousel International is Key to Global Staffing Solutions

Health Carousel’s short-term staffing solutions meet many facilities’ needs. However, certain hospitals and medical practices desire extended-term workforce solutions. For these companies, Health Carousel International (or HCI) partners with global healthcare professionals seeking United States healthcare careers.

Specifically, HCI’s PassportUSA Program is tailored to international healthcare professionals’ success. First, seasoned recruiters help global Registered Nurses, medical technologists, and physical and occupational therapists to obtain assignments in United States medical facilities.

The HCI team streamlines the hiring and credentialing process. This superior service enables each healthcare professional to arrive in the U.S. fully prepared to work. Throughout each professional’s assignment, HCI clinical team members facilitate their professional development. Team members also verify the worker’s maintenance of required credentials and/or certifications.

Health Carousel’s “Light the Way” Program Offers Ongoing Nurse Support

Health Carousel strongly feels that when nurses obtain graduate and postgraduate degrees, they are ideally positioned to teach a new generation of nurses. Toward that end, the company maintains its “Light the Way” initiative in the United States. When international nurses have completed their initial Health Carousel assignment, they are also eligible for the “Light the Way” educational support.

By taking steps to educate new nursing students, Health Carousel has become a key partner in resolving the international Registered Nurse shortfall. As more qualified nurses come on board, each facility’s patient care standards will continue to rise.

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