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At a time when working out at home is becoming more popular (and a necessity), do we really need to be so reliant on the gym when home workouts can be just as good?  Yes, you have all the equipment ready to go at your local club, but can you recreate a home gym in the same or similar way in the comfort of your own home?

What are the benefits of working out and keeping active?

Whether you join a gym or not, maintaining an active lifestyle comes with a ton of benefits. Not only does it help to build a stronger and healthier body.   It’s the perfect way to relieve stress, anxiety and help with your mental health. You could be powerlifting in the gym or completing your couch to 5k challenge. No matter what you’re training for, you’ll be releasing all those good endorphins and reaping the benefits in no time.

Is working out from home better than heading to the gym?

If you have a busy life, running around after a family or working, the thought of venturing out to the gym after a long day can be exhausting in itself! If you have a space set up at home, you’ll never have to face this problem again. But getting this area well-equipped can be a challenge. Most of the larger pieces of equipment can cost hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds!

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You can save money by working out at home

First things first, take a look at your budget and see what you can afford. You’ll be surprised at the bits of kit you can pick up off the Internet. This won’t cost you the earth. If you’re on a tight budget, worry not – there are still plenty of items you can get.

Resistance bands and dumbbells for example won’t break the bank. Plus you can get a full body workout completed with them. Just think, the money you’ll be saving on a gym membership can be put into a pot. You can then continue to top up your home gym equipment over time.

You can wear whatever you want in your home gym

Forget fancy clothing and feeling as though you have to look as good as everyone else, in your home gym, there’s none of that! You can wear the baggiest of baggy clothes, or the smallest hot pants known to man; there’s no one to impress in your home gym. So, stick to whatever comfortable clothes you like and get your workout started!

Ultimately there are benefits to both

At the gym, you have the equipment there ready and waiting for you. At home, you will have to build up your kit over time. Working out at home can save you time, stress and a lot of excuses! How many times have you left the gym because it was too busy and there were hardly any machines or weights available? There’ll be none of that in your new home gym.

Create your own home gym

There are so many benefits to working out and staying healthy. Now is the perfect time to create your own home gym.



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