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Propolis is a natural bee product collected by bees from plants’ leaves, stems, and buds. This is a term that was used in ancient Greece, where “pro” means “before” or “entrance,” and “polis” means “city.” Bees collect resinous substances and mix them with their saliva and enzymes to form propolis, which they return to the hive and use to seal gaps and provide protection against external threats. For instance, bees use propolis to seal cracks in the pack, insulate it, block insect entrances, and sterilize the hive. Although the hive provides an ideal environment for the growth of viruses, bacteria, and fungi, with a temperature of 34°C and humidity of 40-65%, the antimicrobial properties of propolis prevent the proliferation of microorganisms. Longevity Live Paid Content. 

Propolis possesses various pharmacological and biological properties, such as antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and immune-regulating effects. Due to these properties, propolis has been used in medicine since ancient times.

The Journey of Extraction: How is Propolis Obtained?

Honey bees produce bee propolis, a natural product packed with numerous health benefits, through an intriguing process. Let’s delve into how they construct and harvest bee propolis.

Beekeepers use specific techniques to collect bee propolis, ensuring the bees’ well-being and the end product’s quality. Typically, they place traps or screens inside the beehive, positioning them to let bees pass through while the screens gently scrape the bee propolis from the bees. They design these traps to gather bee propolis without harming or stressing the bees.

A Deep Dive with BEE&YOU: Why is Propolis Extracted?

To enable propolis to be digested by our bodies and benefit from its rich nutritional composition and health effects, it must undergo an extraction process using appropriate technology to remove the beeswax content. Various auxiliary substances are used during this process, which should be carried out under the supervision of expert food engineers. Contrary to what some might think, extracting propolis with just water or vegetable oils is not feasible. Instead, a combination of water and food-derived solvents, including ethanol, glycol, and glycerol, along with processing aids boasting antioxidant compounds, is essential. Only with these substances can the active ingredients of propolis be extracted. Therefore, studies have shown that products claiming to be water or vegetable-oil-based do not contain propolis in a concentration that would impact human health.

Moreover, ensuring the complete removal of beeswax from raw propolis during the extraction is crucial. This process aims to achieve the highest possible levels of phenolic and flavonoid compounds. When done correctly, propolis extract prepared using the right solvents offers the human body an impressive 98% bioavailability rate. Thanks to its rich phenolic and flavonoid compounds, propolis extract showcases antioxidant properties. Furthermore, scientific research confirms the positive impact of propolis extract, a natural boost to our immune system, in supporting treatments for various health conditions, from respiratory tract infections and gastrointestinal disorders to oral ulcers, wounds, cold sores, diabetes, and even cancer.

How to Consume Propolis: Unlocking Nature’s Elixir

Propolis is a versatile dietary supplement revered for its numerous health benefits. A typical daily intake for children is 10 drops, while adults can consume up to 20 drops. If necessary, one can adjust these dosages to 40 drops for children and 80 drops for adults. People must take propolis directly or blend it into water, milk, juice, or smoothies. Additionally, propolis drops seamlessly integrate into semi-solid or liquid foods, from milk and fruit juice to raw honey, molasses, or yogurt. Propolis can be offered in various forms, such as tinctures, capsules, or as an ingredient in honey or other natural health products. Experience the multitude of health benefits that propolis brings to the table. With BEE&YOU, quality, and authenticity are at the forefront, ensuring that every drop harnessed is packed with nature’s pure essence.

Nature’s Marvel in Every Drop: Can Raw Propolis be Consumed?

Propolis, obtained directly from the hive without any processing, is known as raw propolis and is in a resinous and rigid state. In its raw form, propolis is mixed with beeswax and cannot be digested by humans. Only about 2% of raw propolis is bioavailable to the human body.

Acknowledging this, the expert food engineers of the brand employ state-of-the-art extraction methods to transform raw bee propolis into a liquid form, making it more beneficial for consumption. With BEE&YOU, you get the true essence of propolis in its most potent form, available as convenient drops, ensuring you reap all the advantages this natural wonder offers.

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Harness the Benefits of Bee Propolis: Experience Its Benefits with BEE&YOU

What makes bee propolis a sought-after natural remedy? Understanding its myriad propolis benefits offers the answer. Bee propolis stands out for its remarkable contributions to overall health, especially in areas like immune support and skin health. Renowned for its potent immune-boosting properties, bee propolis is abundant in valuable bioactive compounds that reinforce your body’s defenses, enabling you to resist common ailments more effectively. Introducing bee propolis into your daily regimen enhances your immunity and underscores your commitment to maintaining peak health.

Moreover, the advantages of bee propolis aren’t limited to just immunity. It’s a powerhouse of antioxidants, stemming from its rich content of phenolic and flavonoid compounds. These components help bee propolis as a formidable barrier against damaging free radicals, ensuring your cells remain protected from oxidative harm. The result? A more vibrant and resilient body.

Delving deeper, the benefits of liquid propolis, often referred to as propolis drops, add another layer of wellness. When you incorporate liquid propolis into your nutrition, you harness the power of its naturally occurring valuable phenolic and flavonoid compounds. Liquid propolis offers powerful antibacterial, antimicrobial, and antioxidant properties that fortify immune health and promote well-being. With BEE&YOU, experience authentic bee propolis’s transformative power and myriad benefits.

Bee Propolis for Skin: The New Face Care Revolution

Propolis’s antimicrobial and antibacterial properties make it a valuable ally in skin care. Harnessing the properties of propolis not only nourishes the skin but also bestows a radiant, youthful appearance. Many opt for skincare products infused with propolis to leverage their anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial virtues, targeting acne, alleviating irritation, and uplifting overall skin health. With its robust antioxidant content, propolis wards off free radicals, ensuring the skin remains vibrant and radiant. For those keen on reaping these benefits, the BEE&YOU brand offers premium skincare solutions that seamlessly incorporate the essence of propolis, ensuring you present your best face forward.

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