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Weight loss is one of the most sought-after goals in healthcare, especially with increasing obesity rates. This week, we spoke to Dan LeMoine, an entrepreneur who is also the co-founder of the re:vitalize weight loss and wellness program, alongside his wife and Dr. Aboord.

His goal is to provide weight loss solutions in a way that incorporates wellness, which is what re:vitalize aims to do. On this week’s Wellness Wednesday, he talks to us about obesity, what healthy weight loss is, and the power of the mind in this process.

The Quality of Manufactured Food

Manufactured food isn’t healthy, especially with the advancements we’re seeing negatively impacting food quality. Dan makes reference to The Food Desert, a term used to describe calorie-dense, nutrient-lacking food, which is consumed in high amounts. While this food is unhealthy, it tends to be the most affordable and accessible to many people and neighborhoods, tapping into several disparities. Obesity is a global issue, and with these foods being household staples for various reasons (from affordability to accessibility), rates continue to increase. 

A Broken Food System

Dan makes reference to the American government giving subsidies to farmers to grow certain foods, including soy and corn. This marks a broken food system, where the government is essentially incentivizing farmers to produce certain foods, over more nutritious foods. 

Test For Establishing Healthy Weight

Dan shares that there are both quantitative and qualitative methods for establishing whether your weight is healthy or not. He informs us about a biometric scale, which doesn’t just show your weight, but uses electrical impedance to determine your muscle mass and body fat (along with where it is). It doesn’t just give you weight but a detailed report. 

Healthy Building Blocks For Weight Loss

He gives us insight into the healthiest building blocks for those wishing to lose weight for health reasons. In a general sense, he shares that eating as close to nature as possible is important. However, there’s space for enjoying a treat from time to time, because following a perfect diet all the time is not only unrealistic but not sustainable either. He shares how the idea that cookie-cutter diets will work for all of us is silly because it all depends on the individual. This is something Re:vitalize prioritizes. 

Re:vitalize, and Their Individualized Approach

Re:vitalize takes on an individualized approach in the sense that what works for one person may not work for another.

Dan shares how Re:vitalize clients to have a customized food list based on their biology, history, and likes and dislikes. They figured this out by using a Bioscan device, which utilizes GSR technology, the same technology used in polygraph tests. However, this is just one piece of the puzzle. Board-certified nutritionists help identify what foods will be best for a specific individual, ensuring that it suits their specific goals and needs. 

What About Weight Loss Drugs?

He also speaks to us about weight loss drugs. He shares how taking them is essentially manipulating your body’s biochemistry, referencing the misuse of diabetes medication for weight loss. In the video, he discusses how research shows that while many opt for these drugs, and lose weight, ⅔ of the weight isn’t actual body fat. He tells us how you’re essentially losing connective tissue and muscle, and very little body fat. 

Realistic Weight Loss Timeline

Dan shares a realistic timeline for weight loss that stays off. At 6–9 weeks, women using the program can lose 20–25 pounds, while men can lose 30–35 pounds. At Re:vitalize, they make use of internal measurements to ensure that the correct weight is being lost and that metabolic repair is taking place. 

Re:vitalize – The Holistic, Natural Way To Achieve Weight Loss

For more information on their approach, along with their virtual network which enables their program to be done from almost anywhere in the world, visit their website.

To hear more about his best-selling book Fear No Food, how metabolism impacts your body weight, and how the program aims to bring a continuous level of accountability into a patient’s weight loss journey, watch the full interview below:

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