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Crystals and gemstones have long been considered as an alternative option to help improve the health of an individual. In ancient times, crystals were believed to aid in the healing process of illnesses in Egyptians and Romans. Ancient Greeks were convinced that crystals prevented alcohol intoxication and hangovers. Longevity Live Paid Partner

Fast-forward to modern times, the concept of precious stones having healing capabilities remain. Crystals are being used in various treatments to provide relief for pain, stress, and anxiety. The beauty industry even caught on the trend and has added crystals in the formulation of their skincare products and perfumes. Advocates like Crystal Viden and others have channels online that provide a welcoming place for individuals wanting to learn about the power of gemstones and crystals.

With celebrities like Katy Perry and Victoria Beckham openly sharing the supposed healing benefits of using the stones, crystal healing has steadily become popular among millennials. It’s now known as a common practice to include crystals in the holistic development of a person’s well-being.

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Benefits Of Crystal Healing

Crystal healing involves the usage of precious stones such as amethysts, opals, or quartz as an alternative therapy to heal ailments and protect against diseases. Supporters of crystal healing believe that the stones can boost a person’s stamina and block out negative energy. Other proposed effects of using crystals include improved immunity, resilience to stress, and attaining peace of mind.

Scientists consider this practice as a form of pseudoscience. There’s no scientific evidence to prove that stones or crystals emit a type of energy that can provide remedies for medical illnesses. Nevertheless, the practice of using crystals to bring tranquility in the life and mind of a person is still sought-after by health and beauty enthusiasts. 

Types Of Crystals For Beginners

If you’re a novice on the methods of healing crystals, the question of which type of crystals to use would come to mind. With dozens of gemstones and crystals available in stores or online, choosing what’s best for you can be confusing. 

Depending on your needs, crystals can come in different shapes, sizes, and come with varying meanings and benefits. Listed below are the most common types of crystals suitable for beginners:


This stone has a bright yellow tone and is associated with positivity. Citrine is mostly used to manifest prosperity and positive energy.


A purple semi-precious stone widely used in the making of jewelry and ornaments. This stone is perfect for improving sleep, calming the nerves, and soothing headaches. It’s believed that if a person places an amethyst stone beside them, it will attract delightful dreams. 


This crystal is believed to have properties to heal physical and spiritual maladies. Considered to bring luck and happiness, jade can also increase fortune, encourage self-love, and enhance an individual’s ambitions. When it comes to physical healing, it’s believed to cure kidney and bladder infections.

Rose Quartz

Best known for its pinkish color, this stone manifests the power of unconditional love and emotional healing.


A selenite crystal helps in cleansing and clearing up bad energy in a space. Additionally, this stone charges other crystals and is ideal for meditation, given that it has calming properties. By using this crystal on your body, it’s supposed to clear out negative energy and generate positive vibes.

Tiger’s Eye

A tiger’s eye is a chatoyant stone that usually has a golden to red-brown color. This warm-blooded stone emits energy to awaken the body and boost confidence. Considered to be the ultimate protector, the tiger’s eye can stabilize moods, release pent-up emotions, and promote mental wellness. 

Cleansing and Storing

Once you’re able to decide on what type of crystal or gemstone you want, it’s best to cleanse it prior to using it. There are several ways on how to cleanse your healing crystals:

  • Use running water or submerge them in saltwater
  • Place them outside during a full moon to recharge them
  • Bury them underground 
  • Use cleansing crystals

Cleansing your crystals can be done on a monthly basis. When you’re not wearing or using your stones, placing them inside a pouch or wrapping them in cloth would be ideal to keep them safe.

Photo by Content Pixie on Unsplash

Using Your Precious Crystals

Healing crystals work best when you’re able to incorporate them into your daily routine. It’s important to keep in mind that certain practices or methods might not work out for everyone. Practical ways of using your crystals could include putting them inside your bag or pockets, placing them beside your bed, and using them as decorations inside your home. 

There are more creative ways on how to use your crystals. You might consider doing meditation with them after exercising or doing yoga. This method is believed to help ease your muscles. Others prefer to bathe with their crystals. You may put them in water or simply place them on top of the bathroom counter. Wearing your crystals as bracelets or necklaces is another creative way of using your stones.

End note

Healing crystals are just one of the many natural ways in attaining physical and mental soundness. Starting your own routine with healing crystals might be difficult at first. But once you’re able to understand the basics, you’ll realize that applying the method of crystal healing in your daily life is easy.


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