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If you’re using crystals for health and wellness, then you also want to practice crystal cleansing. Crystal cleansing is the process of ensuring a crystal is at its optimal state for giving and receiving energy. Over time, a crystal can become dull and tired by absorbing inharmonious energies. The more regularly a crystal is used, the more often it needs to be cleansed.

Crystal cleansing helps revitalize and renew the power of old and new crystals. It offers a fresh start that allows a crystal to release any energy that is no longer needed.

There are many ways to cleanse a crystal, such as through sound, sage, light or even using other crystals. Once a stone is cleansed, it needs to be programmed by setting an intention and activating it.

How to cleanse a crystal

One of the beautiful things about the process of crystal cleansing is that many of the ways of doing so are also cleansing and soothing for the soul. There are a variety of methods used to cleanse crystals, but the four most common are using other stones, the moon, sound, or water.

moon on black sky

  • Full moon cleansing

For many cultures, a full moon is indicative of a new beginning, and the shift of energy that a full moon can affect the world is well known. The dramatic transference of energy that occurs during a full moon makes it an excellent time to cleanse and recharge crystals.

Simply set the crystal in the light of the full moon for a minimum of four hours, or longer for larger crystals. One advantage of this method is the regularity of the moon cycle, which provides an automatic monthly schedule for cleansing crystals.

  • Cleansing crystals with other crystals

Another common method for crystal cleansing is to use other crystals, such as quartz or selenite, that are known for their ability to cleanse, recharge and purify.

To use this method, lay the crystals on top of a piece of quartz or selenite for a minimum of six hours. Charging plates of selenite or quartz are made for this purpose, which makes it easy to cleanse multiple crystals regularly.

Smaller crystals like hematite and carnelian are also known for their clarifying effects. Simply arrange a bowl of clearing stones and place the crystal that requires cleansing on top.

  • Using water to cleanse

Using water to cleanse crystals connects the stone back to the earth and neutralizes any stored energy in the process. Both fresh water and salt water can be used. However, freshwater produces a quicker cleanse. Natural running water, such as water in a stream or creek, is best, but you can also use water from a running faucet.

This method requires only one minute for each crystal, and the key is to submerge the crystal in the running water fully. Once finished, pat the stone dry.

The negativity banishing effects of salt water are particularly beneficial for this process. Completely submerge crystals in a bowl of salt water–ocean water is ideal–and leaves them to soak for a minimum of two hours and a maximum of two days.

Water cleansing is best for hard stones, and it is not ideal for crystals that are soft or brittle, like halite or kyanite.

Setting intentions

woman holding crystals in hand
After cleansing, it is equally essential to set an intention for your crystals. Setting intentions for crystals gives a sense of direction for their purpose. Without programming a crystal, it may connect with other, unintended energies. An intention is most effective when it is clear and specific.

Programming a crystal is accomplished by holding a cleansed crystal in your hands, with your eyes closed, and taking deep breaths while focusing on your intentions for the crystal. It may also be placed on a specific chakra for a closer connection with the focused intention.

First, it is essential to reflect on what brings personal happiness and reach a place of inner peace. Once this has been accomplished, it is time to connect with the crystal. Imagine your own and your crystal’s energy coming together in harmony. Finally, thank the crystal for its presence in your life. By thanking the stone, it emphasizes that the resulting intention is already in existence within the universe.

Activating crystals

Various methods are used to activate a crystal. Some common ones include reconnecting it with nature, creating an activation grid, or lending it some energy through purposeful interaction.

Nature is the simplest solution for smaller, mobile crystals that can easily be carried. The energy of a park, beach, or another natural environment can be soaked up by the crystal, reinvigorating it.

Creating an activation grid involves surrounding a crystal with other, more robust crystals. Surrounded by this energy, the crystal absorbs the frequencies of the other stones and becomes activated.

Final Thoughts

Cleansing crystals monthly or as needed is necessary for their health and our own. It may take some experimenting to find your ideal method, but taking the time to cleanse crystals promotes mindfulness in everyday life and helps us to pursue inner harmony for ourselves.


Brenda Kimble

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