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Schuyla Goodson Bell, the Managing Director of Cummins Southern Africa, is all the above. (1) She shares with Longevity Live her 5 tips on how to enhance your confidence for life success no matter your age or life stage.

Empowerment of women in the workplace links directly to decision-making and whether you are able to utilise your skills, experience and even intuition in carrying out responsibilities and delivering on commitments. The early embrace of a few constant principles is essential for every woman.

Tip 1: Know what you want.

Start by eliminating what everyone else has said you should do professionally. We all have well-intentioned statements swirling in our heads from teachers, parents and friends who want the best for us. You’ve spent good time driving toward someone else’s definition of your career without defining it for yourself. Start over; it’s not too late. Get honest with yourself and think about what you really want to do. Innovate and create the job that works for you. Key to your success is your personal commitment and an ability to push through when strong criticism and difficulties arise.

Tip 2: Enhance your confidence & create positive lasting impressions.

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Great workplace opportunities include volunteering to lead a big project or identifying a process that needs improving. Do your homework: be sure not to offend. Have no fear of approaching a senior leader and asking how you can help.

If you’re not ready, start with a project at a school, non-governmental agency or community centre; use these environments to close any gaps you might have and remember to get constructive feedback on how you can be better.

Tip 3: Eliminate fear. Take prudent risks.

It’s the best way to identify strengths, push beyond boundaries and confirm your passion. A mentor once shared with me that I should never take a job where I wasn’t just a little afraid of failing. The fear factor operates as a motivator to succeed.

Tip 4: Be multi-skilled and adaptable.

A guaranteed constant in the workplace is changing. The best way to navigate the flow of organizational restructuring and refinement is to ensure that your skills can be leveraged across multiple disciplines and industries. Strong communication skills and solid experience in innovative approaches to problem-solving are must-haves.

Tip 5: ‘No’ is the most empowering word a woman can have in her vocabulary at any age.

confidence | Longevity LiveIt communicates confidence and clarity. Using the word “no” with the appropriate professional tone in the workplace establishes boundaries and generally opens the door for a more meaningful conversation.

The word “no” can position you to lead a discussion about an alternative assignment, expanded responsibilities, or new targets defined by you.





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