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A life-threatening diagnosis can be life-altering. Often there’s no guide as to how to process the news and how to deal with the diagnosis.

“I think for me when I was diagnosed with cancer, I looked around for a way of processing pain, terror, and the fear of cancer.”

It was at this moment she knew she had to help others who were in a similar situation as her. Alison Faraday explained to Longevity’s  #WednesdayWellness Insta live session, how she dealt with her diagnosis of stage 4 cancer and survived.

A cancer diagnosis leads to a circle for healing

Alison, a qualified life coach,  has teamed up with. well-known psychologist, Hilton Calder and opened a center called the Circle of Healing. They best describe it as a journey towards healing.

I was looking for a way to take what I had learned from my journey and meld it with good psychological principles and roll it out to people in my situation.” 

A cancer diagnosis is not easy

Those who have experienced a life-threatening diagnosis, or maybe you have someone close to you who has been diagnosed with such, will know that it isn’t easy. You never know what is needed and at what point. You are never sure what kind of support you need or the kind to give. However, one thing you can be sure of is that people need people in the worst time of their lives. Be it family, friends, etc.  

Living with a diagnosis

Alison tells us that the hardest thing for someone to do when they’ve been diagnosed is to ask for help.



Asking for help at the most vulnerable time of your life can feel as though it is a sign of your weakness. However, Alison would disagree. She says that it is the perfect time to take advantage of it. She adds that you should allow friends and family to help as much as they can,

Allow them to go out of their way to show you how much they care for you. Allow them to cook, clean, fetch your meds, and act as a chauffeur at times.

So how does the Circle of Healing work?

Alison told us about the different processes and concepts they tackle in their program.

Share stories

This process allows you to see how you view your diagnosis. From the way you share to the attitude you have. Telling your cancer diagnosis story allows you to understand the narrative you have about your diagnosis. And that’s where Hilton comes in. There’s a lot of trauma that happens and usually, it’s about PTSD around your diagnosis. It’s essential that you dictate it to a positive narrative.


You deserve every bit of support coming your way. Ask for what you need and advocate for your needs. Your diagnosis is life-threatening! Take out that cancer card and use it. As tough as you want to seem, this is one of those times when you can feel entitled to being helped.

Develop skills to thrive

Things you will require to learn and unlearn such as shame, comparing yourself to others, things you could have done differently, etc. Skill development is provided in the program so that you’re equipped to deal with the challenges that come with your diagnosis.

Alison Faraday

Alison Faraday, thrivalist

Losing yourself in your diagnosis is something very common, as Hilton says:

A lot of people who have a life-threatening diagnosis such as cancer start talking about themselves as though they are cancer. That’s just the diagnosis. You have other stuff that makes you, you. Your uniqueness shouldn’t simply slip away because of your diagnosis.

The Circle of Healing program gives people the opportunity to focus on themselves and identify their abilities to facilitate healing. Additionally, the program provides support between sessions. Essentially, it’s about the value people bring and the power to hold hands together through such a process. 

“The victim mentality takes away your energy, which could be used towards your healing. The more you think you’re a victim, the greater the chance you end up being one.”

Anyone can participate anyone, anywhere in the world, and sessions happen periodically. If you want to get a hold of them, then you can find them on Instagram or email them at 

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