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Who am I and what am I doing? This existential question looms over most of us at some point. Only, society tends to swoop in and define our existence by our jobs and what we do. Our school days impart this attitude to us, and it leaks over into the rest of our lives. We are conditioned to believe that our value is not inherent but rather acquired (via status, wealth, profession, and possessions). However, a material existence cannot bring us lasting fulfillment like a spiritual one can.

Now, spirituality is surprisingly difficult to describe. Is it a religion? Can it be bought? Does it have something to do with hippies? Well, the truth is, the meaning is deeply personal. But it is a place where we find solace in knowing that we are valuable despite our earthly circumstances. Of course, this does not mean we need to quit our jobs or relinquish our belongings. We still need to earn a living to survive. But can we desire prosperity in our work and strive for spiritual development at the same time?

A spiritual and material life can co-exist

On this week’s Wellness Wednesday, we spoke to Master Del Pe (internationally known as a healing guru, life mentor, and spiritual master). He is an author and the founder of three organizations, namely: BElife Institute for Higher Consciousness (BIHC), Wisdom Institute for Leadership and Global Advancement (WILGA), and World Institute for Incurable Diseases (WIID). The modern-day sage uses his teachings to guide people in balancing their spiritual and material lives. This way, he helps the world to master the art of living the greatest life while being completely fulfilled.

Most people consider spirituality and materiality to be mutually exclusive. A spiritual person may think that money is the “root of all evil”. While a material person may view a spiritual existence as an impoverished one. However, you cannot have one without the other in the 21st century. You can pay your bills (and enjoy the fruits of your labor) while being spiritually inclined.  Master Del Pe explained, using his own life as a reference, that it’s possible (and necessary) to balance the two.

The birth of spiritual entrepreneurship

Master Del Pe devoted his life to establishing 50 non-profit organizations globally – initially offering his services free of charge (even to the rich). He cited guilt as a factor because it didn’t seem right to make people pay for spiritual healing work. Though well-intentioned, serving people at no cost created financial difficulties for himself.

He felt prompted to ask for monetary compensation when the chance to miss his rent fees in Manhattan seemed more real. Remarkably, he found that the decision made him grow in popularity because people took him more seriously. That being said, he still provides non-profit guidance to marginalized groups. However, he realized that doing spiritual work for others (i.e. those who can afford it) should not come at the expense of his livelihood. After all, he still needs to feed, clothe, and shelter himself (just like everyone else). Consequently, he coined the term “spiritual entrepreneurship” as his profession revolves around improving the lives of others.

By the same token, Master Del Pe grasped that your material life complements your spiritual one and vice versa. This balance is crucial if people want to, as he calls it, “fly high with two wings”. One wing should not be longer than the other one. From there, he endeavored to ask himself (and his clients) how they can harmonize both to be able to fly.

How can spirituality be understood?

Arguably, some may say that religion is a means of accessing contentment in your life. Mainstream culture often uses the terms “spirituality” and “religion” interchangeably, labeling a spiritual person as more “religious”. But, according to Master Del Pe, religion is only one level of spiritual development.

“As you become awakened, you no longer just belong to a spiritual group called religion. You must search for your own individuality. [This involves] your practical expression of values, your service to humanity, and your higher development in terms of soul awakening,” discussed Master Del Pe.

The foundation of spirituality is a connection to something greater than what is visible. It’s who you are without the tangible and material things and is understood by levels of growth.

You can measure your spirituality by navigating your level of initiation and benchmarking it against the level where you aspire to be. Moreover, you can observe your growth against the standard of sages, saints, and masters to reach an even higher magnitude of wisdom.

Why is spirituality an important dimension of health?

Life has grown increasingly burdensome. Only, we seem accustomed to it. Everyone has bouts of insomnia, misses social events, and endures a rapid heartbeat regularly, right? It’s not ideal but it’s “normal”, after all. This is a manifestation of chronic stress, and we all share in the everyday pressures that lead us there. Sure, some of us may stock up on nutrient-dense foods and squeeze in exercise where possible to cope better. However, we’re unaware of the power of spirituality to help us manage.

Master Del Pe revealed that following the physical laws (nutrition, sleep, etc.) and the spiritual can maximize overall wellness. In fact, various studies have linked spiritual health to improved mental well-being. Additionally, it’s positively associated with helping people to experience less physical pain and worry. In this case, establishing a spiritual practice could be a game-changer in tackling daily demands with resilience and peace.

“Being well at the soul level is different from being well at the physical one. But most people are shooting towards longevity and wellness at a physical level. A person can be well physically but can be dysfunctional mentally. So, it’s important to benchmark your total wellness against the ideal level of mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health, clarified Master Del Pe.

Measure wellness and longevity separately

People tend to gauge their wellness quotient in the context of their current reality. We observe where we are, how we feel, and the choices we make, today. How well am I in terms of stamina? What are my insulin levels like now? Am I sturdy enough spiritually to not be stuck regarding emotional sentiments? Though, would we answer these questions differently 10 years ago? What about 10 years from now?

Master Del Pe, modern-day sage, life mentor, and spiritual healer

Ultimately, you can evaluate your wellness in a week or month. Longevity, on the other hand, involves the actions of yesterday, today, and tomorrow that set up your health for decades to come. Master Del Pe profoundly disclosed that we are not only what we eat; we are what we ate. In other words, what you ate yesterday does not always produce bad health today. However, for example, what you ate 20 years ago may manifest as bad cholesterol levels now. With that in mind, it’s essential to consider the relationship between past, future, and present in the matter of longevity.

“In wellness, you can correct the sick situation now and move forward. In longevity, whatever you did before is a fraction and a factor of your long life. Longevity is about being both corrective and preventive,” enlightened Master Del Pe.

The bottom line

Prosperity in your spiritual and material existence is within reach if we take the time to understand our feelings and desires toward them. Clearly, a sense of spirituality can arm us with the strength to overcome hardships. But a foot in the material world can ensure we do not punish ourselves financially in the process.

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Caela Bennett

Caela Bennett

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