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Each of us has experienced the disappointment of purchasing a pool towel that was neither as large nor as soft as we wished it to be! 

Many factors influence how and where we buy bulk beach towels. Others don’t bother buying these towels because they’re frightened of ruining them. A high-quality beach towel, however, is an undeniable necessity for relaxing on the beach or lounging by the pool during summer vacations.

If you want to spend your money wisely on high-quality bulk beach towels, such as Green Wave Pool Towel by American Dawn INC, consider the following advice:

1. Synthetics

Microfiber towels are often advertised as “sand-free”. Regular terry cloth towels are thick and bulky, but these are usually thinner and more compact. As a result, this makes them a good choice if you’re looking for ease. 

They are made of synthetic materials (often a polyester blend) and are known to dry much more quickly. However, they may result in a sticky electrical sensation. That is why experts recommend buying 100% pure cotton pool towels such as Jacquard Velour Beach Towel by Oxford. 

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2. Size

Towel size is the next important factor to think about when searching for beach towels. These are much bigger than those used indoors. Considering their intended use, large dimensions are necessary for pool towels. 

Towels measuring 40 to 72 inches in length are generally considered sufficient for giving sufficient coverage. Your best options are available at Oxford Ganesh, Standard Textile, Ganesh Mills, and KSE.

3. Comfort & Absorbency

Many people think that buying a bright and cheery beach towel at a steep discount is the best thing. We should, however, give some additional consideration to the absorbency and comfort of the towel. More particularly, to the materials or fabric used.

Thick Terry is the most absorbent toweling material you will ever get. This fabric is substantial, fast to absorb moisture, warm, and very comfortable. 

4. Thread Count

For flat sheets, a higher thread count is usually better. But when it comes to beach or pool towels, it all relies on your personal preference. Whether it is about softness, absorbency, style, or durability. 

GSM (grams per square meter) is a unit that is used to measure the weight and bulk of the towel. It can also serve as an indicator of its absorbency. 

Towels with a GSM of 600 are thick and absorbent, while those with a GSM of 400 dry quickly and appear more delicate. As long as the grade of the materials is maintained, either choice here is a good one. 

To sum up, the GSM determines how heavy the towel is, so in simple words, a smaller number means a lighter towel.

5. Thin or Thick

If portability is your important consideration, go for a thinner beach blanket. Most beach or pool towels are quite dense and bulky, making them either difficult to pack or impractical to use on the sand.

The microfiber cloths you brought might come in handy here. This is because they weigh next to nothing, yet the making is solid. In terms of thickness, there is no definitive rule because it all comes down to individual preference. Textiles Depot can help you with it!


Rebecca Smith

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