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All families will eventually be faced with the tough decision of moving their loved ones into a nursing home, when it becomes too difficult to take care of them.  A nursing facility is often the preferred choice, especially when your aging parents can no longer take care of themselves, or require round-the-clock care. With 24/7 access to medical care, nursing, and a sense of community, nursing homes add a lot of value for individuals during their Sunset years. 

That being said, most elderly patients often fear moving into a new environment, and away from friends and family. Such fears and concerns are quite natural, but must be put to rest for the mental and emotional wellbeing of both patients, and their family members. In this article, we cover certain common concerns about moving into a nursing home, and ways to get past them effectively. Longevity Live Paid Content. 

1. Loss of Freedom

If there is one thing that aging adults love more than anything, it is to be left to their own devices, thoughts, and respective routines. The mere thought of adjusting to a new environment, with new faces, and different routines can essentially put them off. 

This, however, isn’t always true, and while nursing homes have strict rules and terms that they expect patients to follow, many new age facilities offer remarkable flexibility in this regard. Luxurious nursing homes are the latest trend, with on-demand food, medical attention, complete privacy, and more.

Dementia | Longevity LIVE2. Possibility of Abuse

A key concern for patients and their families is the rising instances of elder abuse at nursing and senior living facilities that are increasingly coming to light. 

While there are risks of being abused physically, mentally, and emotionally by staff and fellow residents, they are quite rare, and often blown out of proportion.

However, off-late, most facilities come equipped with security staff, surveillance systems, and complete access to patients and their families to ensure any and all issues are identified and rectified right away. 

In fact, even a whiff of abuse or negligence can result in a quick multi-million dollar lawsuit by an enterprising nursing home abuse attorney.

3. Sub-Quality Care

There are chances you might have heard horror stories involving nursing facilities, about negligent and poor treatment of seniors, often a result of low staff-to-residents ratio, and the flouting of recommended best practices.

This again is a perfectly valid concern, and the key is to vet the facility thoroughly, and speak to former residents and their families before moving in. Any deficits, or issues pertaining to substandard care will not stay hidden for long, while glowing reputations and perceptions often speak for themselves.

4. Isolation & Boredom

The thought of moving away from friends and family, to a far off place with unfamiliar faces and environment can be depressing. Most elderly individuals at a later stage of their lives remain incapable of making new friends, resulting in isolation and boredom as a result.

While the move towards such a facility can be depressing, and the initial days hard, in the long run, a community of like-minded individuals of the same age can help overcome boredom. Nursing and assisted living facilities further include a wide range of recreational activities to help seniors pass time, helping them overcome any residual feelings of homesickness.

5. Distance From Family

A move to senior housing or nursing facility is still seen as being abandoned by one’s family, or being distanced for good. This, however, is far from the case, as a good nursing home is just a convenient option, as opposed to providing care at home.

Such thoughts and frames of mind are slowly dying out, but when it comes to emotionally fragile minds of the elderly there is a need to go the extra mile, especially among family. This includes making sure you call them at least once a day, and visit them once every other week, for the first few weeks.

Final Words

Moving into a nursing facility is never easy, especially with the wide range of emotions, anxieties, and conflicting thoughts involved. Most of these fears, however, can be allayed with a bit of effort and handholding on the part of the family.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


Nadine Westwood

Nadine Westwood is a registered dietitian, travel blogger & fitness lover. In her spare time, she helps save stray animals. Nadine really does enjoy sharing her fitness journey with others who might need help with weight loss or finding a stress reliever.

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