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The benefits of traveling for young people are long known. While traveling, college students become more independent and mature, gain broader perspectives, and acquire a variety of crucial life skills. Longevity Live Paid Content. 

Although it can be expensive and also hard to fit into a busy schedule, many students still choose to travel during their college years. If you do this, too, we bet that you can already name a considerable number of tangible perks that you get from it. But what if we tell you that you can get even more out of your traveling?

Volunteering abroad is a surefire way to maximize the benefits of your travel. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about it.

The Benefits of Volunteering Abroad 

Apart from the standard benefits you can gain from traveling, combining it with volunteering experiences gives you an entirely new way to discover different cultures. Quite often, students who volunteer abroad get accommodated in the homes of local people. This gives them an opportunity to learn everything about the customs, traditions, and ways of living in different countries first-hand.

Secondly, volunteering abroad is a great way to make lots of lasting friendships. By joining a project like this, you will get into a community of same-minded youth. You will spend a lot of time together and inevitably will make many friends. All you need is to find a reliable academic writing service to write my dissertation for me to combine traveling with your studies.

As you already know, traveling helps you develop various skills. However, if you combine it with volunteering, you can gain even more skills. Namely, you can acquire time management, confidence, leadership, teamwork, and people skills. Also, depending on the type of volunteering activity you do, you can obtain specific hard skills and hands-on experience related to your professional fields of interest.

Moreover, apart from giving you professional experience, volunteering abroad will also work great on a resume. According to surveys, 81% of hiring managers believe that skilled volunteerism significantly affects a hiring decision. Thus, if you volunteer abroad while in college, this can actually advance your career in the future, so it makes pretty good sense to take advantage of the PaperWriter promo code from and hire a professional essay writer now and spend some time traveling and volunteering without harming your academic performance.

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How to Combine Traveling and Volunteering as a Student 

Now that you know what real perks you can gain from it, you must be wondering how to start volunteering while traveling. So here are a few expert tips that should help:

  1. Find an effective academic solution – Traveling is time-consuming by default. Many students use essay writing services to combine it with studying. However, volunteering will require even more time and commitment. Thus, be sure to find the best research writing services to support your studies during such experiences.
  2. Decide on your fields of interest – Now, there are plenty of great volunteering opportunities of different kinds. There are volunteer projects that deal with the environment, animal rescue, education, etc. If you want to find an experience that will bring you the most benefits, research the available options and identify specific fields of interest. Ideally, look for projects that will contribute to your future career.
  3. Look for opportunities online – Once you know what exactly you want to do, you can start looking for available options. They are very easy to find online. There are sources like GoAbroad, Go Overseas, Volunteering Solutions, and many others. You can use these websites to browse different opportunities and apply for them with ease.
  4. Look for free opportunities – There are plenty of paid international volunteering jobs for students. Most often, they don’t cost too much compared with regular traveling. However, there are also many free opportunities. Some volunteering organizations won’t take a penny from you for your international volunteering experience. They will cover your travel, accommodation, and food costs in exchange for your commitment and work. These opportunities might be harder to find and land. However, if you start your search in advance and apply for many different options, you should be able to succeed.
  5. Consider paid options – If you don’t find or qualify for free programs, don’t give up on volunteering. We know that paying to volunteer abroad might be quite expensive for a student’s budget. But it’s definitely worth paying for. One of the popular organizations, International Volunteer HQ, surveyed students who had such experiences. According to the survey results, 83% of international volunteers felt that their sense of perspective had changed. 94% also agreed that this experience made them more resilient. And 44% claimed that their career aspirations had improved thanks to volunteering. The benefits are well worth the effort. So even if you only find paid opportunities, don’t neglect them.

The Bottom Line 

Volunteering is a chance to change the world for the best and get fulfilled by it. Traveling is a chance to expand your horizons and become your better self. And when they are combined, these experiences offer you even more opportunities than you can imagine.

Now you know why and how you can volunteer while traveling. Use this knowledge now to change your life for the best!

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