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People always book “cheap” rooms through various websites, all claiming to get a “great deal”. Then they rock up the minute guests arrive and are surprised that they aren’t getting a view, or a high floor, or even any additional benefits without paying more money.

The better way to go about planning your stay is to look to the reason why you are traveling to that place. Going for business? A four star hotel with decent wifi and room service will be right. Going someplace nice, and expect to explore and not stay at the hotel much? Again, a four star hotel might do the trick. Location is important, but you don’t have to be right on the water to have a good hotel.

For the five star and popular located hotels, it pays to pay. Going “cheap” doesn’t mean you’ll always get what you want. But if you pay, and usually directly to the hotel and not through a third party, you’ll get good service and exactly what you want (view, high floor, etc).

Some of the most important aspects you should consider while booking a hotel to make your stay comfortable and memorable, are as follow:

  1. Consider every site and offer available online– You should consider exploring all the hotel booking sites to get an overview of hotels like Sofitel Mumbai BKC in your desired area, but don’t rely on them to give you the full picture. Go on to research those hotels on your own. Search for promotion codes and perks such as free parking, breakfast or Wi-Fi. And don’t neglect a hotel’s own website. Some chains promise the best rate when you book via their site.
  2. Bargain for the pricey– Select a couple of favorites and pick up the phone once you know the lay of the land. Tell the hotel the price you have found from other websites to see if it can beat it. According to a report, negotiating directly with the hotel is considered to achieve a better room or rate approximately 80 percent of the time.
  3. Booking facilities– Booking a hotel nowadays has become so convenient that you can book a hotel anywhere at any time. You can find many online sites that are very useful for booking hotels. With their booking rates and the facilities they offer, you will find distinct hotels in those specific cities. They even provide you with real photographs of the hotel and the rooms for the betterment of the client.
  4. Allows pets– You should be cautious when choosing hotels if you are an animal lover and own one since several hotels do not accept animals. But there are several hotels, on the other hand, which not only accept your pets but also take good care of them. For animals, food, and other important items your pet needs, you also get a play area for them.
  5. Exploring viable alternatives– Hotels aren’t your only choice for accommodation. Via many online booking sites, you can rent a bed, apartment or the entire house. And for budget travellers, hostels are a great choice, particularly those venturing outside the country. Don’t worry; you don’t have to share a dorm-style space with a bunch of 19-year-olds (unless you want to). A handful of private rooms with en suite bathrooms are provided by most hostels.
  6. Consider a different locality– It usually costs more to remain in the heart of the area. Save a few bucks by staying away from the city center, but for quick downtown entry, close to public transport.
  7. Use your affiliations– Veterans, civil servants, teachers, veterans of the military and AAA members may qualify for discounted hotel rates while travelling. Before booking, ask the hotel or search for deals through websites like AARP, Military and Veteran Benefits, News, Veteran Jobs.
  8. Pet-friendly– if you are an animal lover and owns one then you should be careful while choosing hotels because there are some hotels that do not welcome animals. But on the other hand, there are many hotels which are not only welcome your pets but also take good care of them. You even get a play area for animals, food, and other essential things your pet requires.
  9. The best option for tourists– Cities with popular tourist spots tends to attract many tourists from all over the world, the only option which is considered the best for tourists’ stay in hotels. Since tourists usually are unaware of the country o the city, their language, their culture, their food, etc. hotel comes to the rescue. They have all the knowledge of the neighborhood and the surroundings.
  10. Safety measures– One of the most important things that hotels provide you is security. You can feel comfortable leaving your stuff inside the room as it is because the hotel provides excellent security and are committed to preventing loss of property. In case of any emergency like fire breakout, the staff is well trained for these types of situations and providing first aid. You can find security guards everywhere in the hotel, they make sure that no one from outside is allowed to enter the hotel unless they have a booking. You can also find security cameras in every lounge and every sitting area in order to avoid any kind of theft or an unfortunate incident.

If you are booking a room or for two than its very tough to negotiate to reduce the prices while checking in. But you can ask to give you complimentary benefits for your current stay or future stay (discount voucher, free meal free spa etc.

Still you should try to negotiate and get a discount while checking out on the total hotel bill. And for that it is good to be interactive, humble, funny whenever you get a chance with the staff (manager, receptionists etc.) while staying like Sofitel Mumbai BKC. In short be someone to whom they won’t hesitate to give discounts or complimentary benefits.


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