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Is It Possible For People Working One-Third Of Most Days To Take Trips?

A recent Gallup poll by the American analytics and advisory company indicated that only 62% of Americans took a vacation away from home the previous year. It’s more than a leave of absence. Research shows that travel can provide several mental health benefits, including lower stress levels, more happiness, and even creativity boosts.  

In the hustle and bustle of the digital age, how can people travel when they have to keep putting in 40-hour workweeks? The most obvious answer is through summer vacations. Just like travel routes, however, one has many options. 

Whether travelers go across town or around the world, it’s critical to make safety and security a top priority through options like a system for remote mobile tracking.   

Getting there is half the fun, but safe travels are also important. 

9 Ways Full-time Workers Can Travel More   

1. Make Trips Shorter in Distance 

Traveling more as a full-time employee doesn’t require becoming a globetrotter. Even if a company employee has racked up more time off, they could still travel close to home. These options make some splendid day trips.

For example, Americans who don’t have time for a European vacation could consider a shorter trip, such as one in the Caribbean. It’s a short flight that can still provide lots of relaxation.

Travel work
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2. Make Trips Shorter In Duration 

Planes themselves will save time versus trains, buses, and boats. Travelers can still check off everything on their bucket list.

However, by squeezing more sites into less time.

For example, trekkers could stay someplace for a few days instead of taking a full 2-week vacation. Pick awesome places that require less travel time.

3. Take Advantage Of Work-Based Travel Opportunities

This option allows people to roll work and travel into one package. Here’s an example. Suppose someone has to go on a business trip as a consultant or salesperson. They could request to schedule their return flight for Sunday instead of Friday.

A company will likely give a thumbs-up if this option doesn’t cost it any extra money. Even if traveling employees can’t change their flight date, they could arrange their schedule to free up evenings so they can explore the city.

4. Consider Long Flights For Short Trips

This option is ultra-efficient if one can find competitive prices for longer flights. A lengthier trip could mean they get to experience famous tourist sites on the other side of the world.

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Sure, their circadian rhythms might need a day or two to adjust to their new time zone, so they get a good night’s sleep. It’s arguably a small sacrifice if they’re able to experience a once-in-a-lifetime dream vacation. A little jet lag may be worth it.

5. Extend Holidays

Nearly everyone loves long weekends. In terms of travel plans, world explorers have several options like Wednesday through Monday or Thursday through Sunday. This option can help employees save vacation leaves, especially when public holidays land on a Monday or Friday. They’ve hit the jackpot, even if they’re not taking a Las Vegas vacation.

People who take this option can automatically save at least two vacation days on Saturday and Sunday. They could use saved vacation leave days for a host of purposes, including more travel!

6. Be Flexible About Destinations

People can achieve this goal in various ways. For example, look for the cheapest airfare for any destination. Such options might not be the most popular destinations, but they’re still worth the trip.

For example, one could search for the lowest-priced airline tickets within the continent and deal with other logistical concerns, like hotel accommodations, later.

The main benefit of booking cheap trips is it frees up more money for traveling. It’s important to be patient and keep looking for the best deals. This process could even include browsing the web daily and setting up price alerts.

Cheap accomodation
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7. Look For Cheaper Accommodations 

A few options can make weekend getaways more practical, for example. Look for promo codes to save on hotel or motel costs. 

Staying with a friend or relative could reduce accommodation costs to $0 if they live in the area.

8. Calculate True Travel Time 

Isn’t this process as easy as checking one’s vacation days? Well, that step is just the start. Keep in mind, weekends add up to 104 (52 x 2) days off every year. Then, add in the public holidays.

Next, add your vacation leaves, which provide an exact amount of travel time available each year. The total figure works out to nearly one-third of the year. That’s even enough time to see the world.

Travel time
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9. Be A Lone Traveler

The option to travel solo can save lots of time. Traveling in groups or even with a partner can cause various logistical issues, including concerns with different budgets and schedules. Solo treks could even provide a life-changing experience.  

Traveling for work

Final Thoughts

Even when people work four or five days a week, they don’t have to be cooped up at an office desk or in a virtual space. They’ve earned breakthrough weekends, public holidays, and vacation leaves, so it’s time to use them wisely. 

The ideas mentioned above are just some many ways travel can help workers make a meaningful life instead of just making a living. 

Who Is The Author?

AuthorStanley Clark is a  community development volunteer and writer. He has worked on several commercials, events, and campaigns. Recently, he  moved into writing and focuses on natural health and wellness. You can follow him on Twitter.


Stan Clark

Stanley Clark is a community development volunteer and writer. He worked on several commercials, events, and campaigns before writing full-time on natural health and wellness.

The content in this editorial is for general information only and is not intended to provide medical or other professional advice. For more information on your medical condition and treatment options, speak to your healthcare professional.