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Florence shines as a must-visit gem for anyone bitten by the travel bug. This city is not just beautiful; it’s a treasure chest of hidden wonders waiting to be explored. Longevity Live Paid Content. 

From secret gardens to historic workshops, it holds secrets beyond the well-trodden paths. If you’re someone who loves to discover the lesser-known facets of famous destinations, you’re in the right place. 

In this guide, we’ll take you through the untouched corners of Florence, offering insider tips to make your journey smooth and memorable.

Let’s dig in! 

What to Explore? 

Historic Artisan Workshops

Historic Artisan Workshops in Oltrarno showcase the city’s deep-rooted tradition of craftsmanship. This area is a living museum where skilled artisans breathe life into their creations, maintaining methods passed down through generations. 

Craftsmanship is a cornerstone of the culture here, offering a unique glimpse into the art of making and restoring. In these workshops, you can witness the meticulous creation and revival of various items. 

For example, there are experts who handcraft exquisite leather goods, while others specialize in restoring precious artworks and furniture. Each workshop is a testament to the dedication and passion of the artisans. Thus, Oltrarno is a must-visit for those keen to experience the vibrant heritage of craft and creativity.

A Day Trip to Tuscany

Being in this beautiful place opens up a gateway to exploring the stunning landscapes and rich history of Tuscany. A Florence to Tuscany day trip is a popular choice for those wanting to see more without the hassle of planning everything themselves. 

Moreover, booking a tour online simplifies the process. These tours are for convenience, picking you up from a central location in Florence. Throughout the day, you can enjoy breathtaking views of rolling hills and lush vineyards. Enjoy a carefully selected lunch, and marvel at the architectural wonders of Pisa, among other highlights. 

With multiple tour options available, including ones with or without lunch, there’s something to suit everyone’s preferences. Plus, having a tour guide means you’ll learn fascinating details about the places you visit. 

Explore Local Markets

Markets like Sant’Ambrogio Market or the Mercato delle Cascine offer a wonderful opportunity to dive into the everyday culture. These markets are bustling hubs where locals and visitors alike can find an array of products. It ranges from fresh produce like fruits and vegetables to cheese and meats, all showcasing the richness of Italian culinary traditions. 

Alongside the fresh food, you can also discover local delicacies that give you a taste of authentic Florence. Walking through these markets, you’re not just shopping; you’re experiencing the vibrant daily life of Florentines. 

In simple words, it is a chance to connect with the community, learn about local foods, and perhaps pick up a recipe or two from the friendly vendors.

Explore Secret Gardens and Villas

Hidden away from the busy city streets, secret gardens and villas like the Bardini Garden and the Villa di Maiano are treasures waiting for discovery. These serene spots offer a peaceful escape where you can relax and enjoy nature. 

The Bardini Garden, with its beautiful flowers and plants, gives you a quiet place to walk and take in the beauty. The Villa di Maiano is another gem, offering stunning landscapes and views that take your breath away. 

These places are perfect for those who love to explore and find quiet corners away from the hustle and bustle of city life. So, if you’re looking for a peaceful retreat, these hidden gardens and villas are must-visits.

The Pharmacy of Santa Maria Novella

The Pharmacy of Santa Maria Novella is a special place that you must visit. It’s not just any pharmacy; it’s among the oldest in the world, starting over 600 years ago by monks. 

Today, it sells unique products like perfumes, soaps, and creams that you can’t find anywhere else. The inside is beautiful, with old furniture and decorations that make you feel like you’ve stepped back in time. People come from all over to see this place and buy its special items.

If you’re in Florence, make sure to stop by. It’s not just about shopping; it’s about experiencing a piece of history and taking a little bit of it home with you.

Tips for a Hassle-Free Trip 

Planning a hassle-free trip requires a mix of preparation and flexibility. Here are some valuable tips to make your journey smoother:

  • Always Carry Cash: While digital payments are widely accepted, there are still places where only cash is king. Small vendors, local markets, or remote areas may not accept cards. Having cash on hand ensures you can always pay, no matter where you are.
  • Be Vigilant About Your Belongings: Tourist spots are often targeted by pickpockets. Always keep an eye on your belongings and use bags that can be securely closed. Consider using money belts or hidden pouches for extra security.
  • Take Rest on Mondays: Many museums and attractions are closed on Mondays, making it an excellent day to rest. Use this day to explore less crowded places or enjoy some downtime in a local park.
  • Tips are Not Mandatory: In many cultures, tipping isn’t expected and can even be considered rude. Do some research on the tipping customs of your destination. If tips aren’t customary, don’t feel obligated to leave one.
  • Bring Universal Chargers Along: Different countries have different plug types and voltages. A universal charger or adapter ensures you can charge your devices anywhere, preventing the hassle of buying new chargers or finding compatible outlets.
  • Refuse Bread at Restaurants If You Don’t Want It: In some places, bread provided at the start of a meal may be charged. If you’re not interested, politely decline. This avoids unnecessary charges and waste.

Following these tips can significantly enhance your travel experience, allowing you to focus more on enjoying your journey and less on managing minor inconveniences. 

Wrapping Up!

Exploring the untouched corners of Florence offers a unique adventure, bringing you closer to the city’s heart and soul. By stepping off the beaten path and embracing our insider tips, you can uncover hidden gems that transform a simple visit into a truly memorable trip. Whether it’s wandering through secret gardens, discovering ancient pharmacies, or indulging in local markets, it is a treasure chest waiting to be opened. So, pack your curiosity and let these tips guide you to experiences filled with wonder, beauty, and the authentic spirit of Florence.

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