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If you have questions about your sexual desire, you’re definitely not alone. After all, female sexuality can be notoriously tricky to understand, especially when you consider that what constitutes a “normal” sex drive can vary significantly from woman to woman. Additionally, your sudden low sex drive might stir feelings of insecurity or confusion.

No matter what sexual experiences you find yourself avoiding, low libido can strain even the most tightly woven romantic relationships. For those under an all-too-frustrating dry spell, there are answers to these emotionally charged questions. In fact, there are several potential explanations for a drop in sexual desire. Read on for five surprising factors that might be accounting for your lackluster libido.

Increased Stress

It’s tough to get in the mood when you’re trying to maintain a work and home life balance. Now while women with lower stress levels can become aroused more frequently, emotional stress can have a detrimental impact on female sex drive. If you’ve been dealing with stressful circumstances, your body engages in its fight or flight response, pausing non-essential functions and suspending sexual motivation. 

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Lack Of Sleep

If you’ve been having trouble counting sheep, you might be having trouble in other aspects of the bedroom as well. As with any other form of physical activity, a well-rested body is a prerequisite for strong sexual performance.

In a 2015 study released by MarketWatch, researchers found that even one additional hour of sleep led to a 14% higher chance that women would engage in partnered sexual activity. However, while more sleep can result in higher levels of sexual arousal, poor sleep can lead to a decrease in sex drive. 

Taking Certain Medications

That birth control pill might be doing more than keeping a bun out of your oven. Birth control pills can lower libido as a side effect. This has led to some people switching to IUDs for their pregnancy prevention needs.  And it’s not just birth control. A variety of medications, from antidepressants to blood pressure pills, can result in decreased sexual motivation

Not Getting Enough Exercise

There might be a correlation between lack of exercise and your suspiciously low sex drive. 

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Research has suggested that exercise, which helps balance hormone levels and bodily processes, can also help regulate libido. Additionally, a lack of physical activity can contribute to lower levels of self-esteem, potentially resulting in less willingness to get it on. 

One Too Many Drinks

Maybe one or two glasses of wine put you in the mood. However, over time, your tendency to over-imbibe can decrease sexual performance and drop your sexual desire to the floor. On a one-time basis, drinking too much can render even the most seasoned drinker exhausted. This then makes the thought of participating in partnered sex undesirable at best. And if you’re a heavy drinker, over time, your tequila habit might mess with your body’s hormone regulation process. This will ultimately lead to lower libido. 

Partying Thoughts

Whether you’re regularly turning your partner down or finding yourself unable to get excited about having sex, a sudden drop in desire can be frustrating and confusing. Additionally, low libido can have a devastating impact on your sex life no matter what you used to consider your “normal” level of sexual motivation. 

However, from skyrocketing stress levels to one too many glasses of Malbec, seeking out medically-backed explanations can help you understand your lower libido and make strides towards a healthier sex life. 

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