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A 45-year-old businesswoman shares her personal experience of labia rejuvenation:

When one of my friends approached me to be part of a BTL Intima trial, I felt more than a little uncomfortable. In fact, it took me a day or two to respond, and what shocked me even more is that – after thinking about it for a while – I said yes. I think many women are like that – fairly shy, but quite intrigued.

I have never really examined my vagina in detail – quite frankly, it is a pretty ugly specimen.

But what has surprised me through the process of my treatments, and by seeing the transformation with before and after pictures taken each session, is the dramatic change; it looks pretty beautiful, if you can say that. All the sagging, wrinkly bits are now smoother, plumper and neat. It looks good, and what is even better is that it feels good. The senses in that area are definitely heightened, you are more lubricated and orgasm is easier to reach.

I cannot believe the phenomenal results that this machine has been able to achieve, and what’s more, once you have got over the shyness of having the first treatment, there is no discomfort, pain or after-effects. You can get straight off the treatment bed and go back to your daily activities as normal. It’s that easy. After four 20-minute treatments, one week apart, your vagina has received its very own non-invasive facelift, and you, as a woman, feel sensual, sexy and young again.

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What does the process of labia rejuvenation entail?

In terms of non-invasive labia remodelling, there are a few solutions present. One of these, the BTL Intima is a 20-minute, in-office treatment stimulates collagen synthesis and increases blood supply to the labium (majora and minora), as well as the clitoris and perineum.

“Increased blood supply to the labia and clitoris leads to increased rejuvenation of the tissue, and, in turn, heightened sensitivity,” says gynaecologist and obstetrician Dr Zeljka Clark. “We recently conducted a pilot Intima trial on 19 women, aged between 35 and 64 years, varying in skin type, ethnicity and choice of childbirth.

“An increase was noted across all subjects in terms of desire, arousal, lubrication, orgasm and satisfaction.”

There is no downtime. The handpiece delivers thermal energy to the tissue without causing any pain or irritation. It can also assist with slightly protruding labia minora, plumping up the outer lips to better hide the inner protrusion. Aging of the vulva also causes increased dryness, which can lead to hygienic issues, chronic irritation and painful intercourse,” adds Clark. “This is where Intima can assist, improving collagen composition, elasticity, blood supply, physiological secretions and sensitivity. In essence, your most intimate parts regain their youthful vigor and beauty.”

For best results, a series of four treatments is recommended, spaced a week apart.


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