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 More men suffer from the ability to develop and maintain hard erections than most would realize. It is something many suffer in silence due to the subject’s sensitivity. Some do not realize that numerous variables need to be in sync to retain a firm erection.

Erections are a difficult subject to discuss

According to, if a person wants to get harder erections, making lifestyle and dietary changes, taking supplements, and trying medications may all help. Communicating with a sexual partner and addressing any psychological and emotional factors can also help.

While you will likely lose an erection periodically, that’s no cause for humiliation. In fact, there could be an underlying condition that requires medical intervention in more frequent or severe situations. Otherwise, you can try sexual aids such as “cock rings,” for which there are different brands.  You can also consider medication or you can use some natural techniques to correct the issue. It helps to remember that the more stress and pressure you place on yourself to perform, the more difficult it will become. 

It is essential that sex be a natural, relaxed effort and not bring tension when considering the activity. When you notice you are tensing up at the mere thought, explain the situation to your partner or if you do not feel comfortable doing so, tell your honey you have a headache and try again when you’re in a more relaxed mood.

Tips For Maintaining Stronger Erections

Losing a single erection and seeing a considerable problem developing steadily over time are vastly different in comparison. One most men will pass off as an odd occurrence. The chronic issue needs to be discussed with a general practitioner to find out the potential underlying causes and possible care plans.

The primary factor to keep in mind is that you need to maintain a sense of calm and relaxation, avoiding stress. Feeling pressured will ensure you have challenges staying erect. 

Tension and stress are the opposite of an aphrodisiac. One way to help you determine a reason for your occurrence(s) is to go over what was happening up to the loss. Had you drunk too much, had an unusually stressful day at work, or possibly not up for sex at that particular time. 

Each can affect keeping an erection, as can trying to impress a new person or possibly having sex after a fight but not quite being over the anger. These are merely a few things that can contribute. Go here to learn a few daily behaviors to make your penis perform better. Check out some other things that might contribute and how you can work towards resolving the problem.


Erections are fueled by blood pressure. If you are overweight, it can restrict the blood that flows to the penis. Blood flows smoothly when you achieve much healthier body weight, allowing for more substantial, harder, and longer-lasting experiences.

fitness and erectionsThat is not implying that you need to become a bodybuilder. It simply means maintaining your weight in a healthy range for your specific body structure. It’s also wise to do regular blood pressure checks to keep it within normal range. A doctor will need to put you on meds if your blood pressure is consistently high.

Exercise regularly

A regular fitness routine for some sort of heart-pumping exercise is warranted to achieve a hard penis, something to get the blood flowing. Again, that does not mean going to the gym for five hours on the treadmill. 

No one wants to endure that drudgery. You can find many things outside to enjoy, including biking, brisk walking, playing fetch with the dog in the park (as long as you run too.), and so much more. The more fun you have, the apt you are to continue the activity. The only requirement with fitness for the recommended daily average is 30 minutes each day, which should be achievable.

Wholesome diet

A diet rich in nutrients is the expectation for everyone, kind of like the four-food groups with the recommended daily allowance for each group to get adequate nutrients on a given day. 

That is a wholesome diet. The problem is too many people indulge in fast foods, fried options, things that can clog blood vessels which means the blood cannot flow through. That is bad for the heart, of course, but the penis suffers nearly as severely.

The suggestion is to indulge more in vegetables, fruits, fish as an incredible addition, and nuts. Claims suggest that the “Mediterranean Diet” is beneficial with these varied foods and is supposed to be a healthy option. Research has shown that eating more plants will improve your sex life.


There are so many reasons people are advised to stop smoking, and staying erect is just one more thing to add to that growing list. Smoking is awful for the lungs, but the indication is it is not so great for maintaining erections, since cigarettes have the potential for creating a buildup of plaque in the blood vessels compared to greasy food. 

Not only can it decrease the ability to stay hard, but nicotine has the potential for decreasing libido. No one can ask someone to quit. The smoker has to want to stop for their reasons, or it will not happen. If this is not a strong motivator, then perhaps one of the countless other health hazards like lung cancer would be encouraging enough.


Getting rid of all the vices might be asking a lot. It is common knowledge that men cannot hold an erection when drinking. Still, it is also the most manageable issue to try to correct. You can significantly reduce the chance of losing erections by consuming less alcohol. That is not implying that you have to give up drinking altogether. It merely means cutting back to a moderate few.

Look at your current medications

Talk to your doctor about the issue you are having, so you can discuss the current regimen of medications you are taking. Certain prescriptions can affect quality and if you can remain erect. 

That is especially true of antidepressants, for which there can be numerous sexual side effects as a common issue. Conversations with your physician might need to include a request to switch to an option that does not carry these effects, albeit without taking away the benefits to your mental health.

Ensure you get good sleep says sleep may affect erectile function, and there are links between erectile dysfunction and sleep disorders. Indeed, research confirms that disrupted sleep, a lack of sleep, and sleep disorders can all alter sexual function.

A small-scale study from 2011 looked at the link between testosterone levels and sleep. The study showed that sleep restrictions reduced testosterone levels, which play an important role in sexual behavior and libido.

Ensuring good quality sleep may help reduce the chance of erectile dysfunction and improve sexual function.


Keep things fresh

When there’s a lack of excitement, it can be tough to get better erections. It is essential to try to change things up periodically to keep things fresh and provide unique sensations for the penis. If you don’t change things up periodically, there’s the potential that you develop a rut, and when you get into a rut, sex becomes boring.

It’s essential to be cautious, though, since there are strenuous positions that can result in erectile dysfunction for some men. As a rule, the more strenuous, the greater the potential for harm. That is generally because the rest of the body is “consuming” the blood that the penis needs at that very moment, creating a shortage of appendage and resultant dysfunction.

Final Thought

Becoming hard and maintaining erections is sensitive and serious for many men. Depending on the severity, some things can be done to resolve the issue, specifically for those with a steadily progressing situation, by calling a professional. A general practitioner can help in diagnosing the possibility of an underlying problem and help to develop a care plan. 

Otherwise, a few tips here can prove beneficial in an infrequent scenario. A primary consideration is to avoid putting pressure on yourself if you experience one of these episodes. The greater the stress, the more likely it will happen again. 

Sex should happen when your mood is relaxed and calm, and your mental health is stable. Suppose you cannot get past a few incidents of an inability to stay erect by communicating with your partner. In that case, you might need to talk with a professional to move forward healthfully.

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Richard Clayton

Richard Clayton

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