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Question: Will a detox improve my sex life?

Answer: Low sexual desire can develop for many reasons, including stress, lack of sleep, hormonal imbalances and weight gain. Getting rid of toxins and pollutants in your body is the first step to boosting a lagging libido.

Here’s how:

Increase your water intake

When you don’t have enough water, you may not have enough natural lubricant to make sex as enjoyable as possible. So drink at least eight glasses of water a day.

Decrease your refined sugar intake

Weaning yourself off refined sugar will lead to a better body image, increased energy levels, a better mood and better sex.

Optimise your minerals

Making sure you eat all the necessary minerals will help to keep your digestion strong and your organs pushing toxins and pollutants out. Minerals are needed for many reasons, including balancing your endocrine system. Is regulates mood and stress, which leads to better sex.

Exercise regularly

A good workout session helps you to sweat. When that happens, you automatically detox your system. You can even use sex as a form of exercise.

Try some maca

Maca is a root from Peru that improves your immunity, balances your hormones and increases your libido.

Detox your mind

Mindfulness is about focusing your attention on what you are doing in the moment. Being mindful can help you to engage in great sex.

Masters and Johnson developed a method called “sensate focus” to help people with sexual desire and arousal disorders. Rather than think about how well or poorly they were performing, Masters and Johnson trained their patients to think only about the sensations in their erogenous zones. Click here to find out what causes vaginal skin tags.

Do a digital detox

The Internet has taken over our work, our social lives and our family lives. Research has shown that it’s taking over our sex lives too. 32% of 5 000 Americans polled in a recent study said they would sacrifice sex for the Internet for six months! This was not just about men and pornography. Women were 28% more likely to give up sex to get online. Furthermore, women are becoming increasingly aware of their looks because of photo sharing online. Give up looking at everyone else and you’ll feel sexier. Body image is an important part of sexuality, and regaining confidence in your appearance can improve your sex life.

A second study found that 42% of individuals in serious relationships say their partners have been distracted by their mobile phones while they were together. This can put a significant damper on your sex life.

A further 20% of Facebook users said that looking at Facebook increased their anxiety. High anxiety levels take a toll on libido. A break from your smartphone may help you to feel more relaxed and ready to be intimate with your partner.

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Careen Rascher is a specialist psychiatrist with international qualifications in sexual medicine. Her approach to sexual problems is holistic, drawing from her experience in both psychological and medical spheres. Her primary interests are education of both health care professionals and the public about sexual health, and the treatment of individuals and couples. Do you want to ask Dr Careen Rascher a question? Email your questions to

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