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We often overlook the fact that getting back to our roots and surrounding ourselves with nature is an essential element in the quest for a happy and healthy life. For many years, home-owners have strived to bring nature into their houses, as humans have always loved the organic and natural appeal that it brings into an abode. Natural elements have a tendency to lend a tranquil atmosphere to man-made structures, which in turn can help those who spend time there feel more relaxed and happy.

The addition of nature has become a design aesthetic that is considered both inspiring and welcoming, and will never be out of style. If you have been wondering how to incorporate the outdoors into your indoors, here we have provided 8 perfect ideas to get you started.

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1. Let the light in

One of the best ways to let nature into our homes is by making the most of your available natural lighting. Window treatments and bulky curtains that block the light should be avoided and emphasis should be put on the windows in your home that look out onto a natural, colorful scene. Sunlight is one of the cheapest, easiest and most beautiful natural elements and has the ability to make any room come alive, lending an inspired and lively aura to your home. By harnessing the natural power of sunlight, you will not only reduce the growth of harmful bacteria and organisms that can take root in your home, but also help to better regulate your sleep hormones. In turn, you and your family can enjoy better energy levels as well as a more sanitary home.

2. A wood finish transforms the soul and the mind to radiate positivity.

Wood is one of the few materials that can be left unstained and raw or be finished to look shiny like marble. Wood is the warmest natural element that can be brought into your homes and comes in a variety of species, finishes, and applications.

3. Hear the rush of clear waters

Whether you want to impress the guests coming through your front doors or are simply looking to bask in the sounds of running water, installing a slate water wall should definitely be something you consider. It is as close to an indoor waterfall as you can currently get, while it helps to create a calm and peaceful atmosphere about your home. Moreover, studies show that the sound of flowing water also helps us sleep better. According to Orfeu Buxton, an associate professor of biobehavioral health at Pennsylvania State University, our brains interpret this sound as non-threatening, which explains the calming effect it has on us. “It’s like they [the sounds] are saying: ‘Don’t worry, don’t worry, don’t worry.'”

4. The element of stone as a focal point or a backdrop.

Gorgeous stones aren’t just for pathways but can be used as a centerpiece or a backdrop. Beautiful rocks and pebbles can be incorporated into your décor in several creative ways. Stone backsplashes in the kitchen and bathroom will have a stunning visual appeal. Quality backsplashes have a way of giving any room an immediate facelift, while it also has a rustic feel to it.

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5. Natural materials in the bathroom inculcate a rejuvenating start

Letting warm water run across your body can instantly transport your mind to a place filled with calmness and serenity. Natural elements complete your bathroom sanctuary like nothing else does to create a one-of-a-kind bathing experience with nature. As a key part of any home, your bathroom plays an important role in your health.

6. Natural wood furniture is the finest example of natural craftsmanship

The most exquisite and durable furniture can be crafted out of wood, making it a very popular material, while it can also be furnished in various different ways. Giving your home a country and rustic appeal, wood furniture with or without minimum ornamentation can create an antique effect to evoque the nostalgia of the early days of living.

7. Nothing says nature as much as sustainability

The practice of green living and conserving Earth’s natural resources have caught the eye of many home owners, who are now trying to use building materials that may have been recycled. Locally sourced and reclaimed wood products are being supplied to contractors and builder,s which is one instance where natural elements that cannot be replenished, are being repurposed to give them new functions.

8. Adorn your house with plants and flowers.

nature | Longevity LIVE

Last but not least, the simplest and most obvious way to bring nature into one’s home is by decorating it with fresh flowers and potted plants. Succulents have also become a great way of doing that. Not only are they easy to care for, but a succulent gallery will make any room feel more vibrant and fresh. Moreover, while plants have a unique way of improving the aesthetics of your home, they also take in carbon dioxide and release the oxygen that we need to breathe. Additionally, studies have shown that plants can reduce the amount of dust in the air by 20%. With the right kind of floral arrangement and aromas, you can definitely make your house look, smell and feel like a spa getaway.

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Akshay works as an Interior Designer with Lalco Interiors and he is in love with his job. Thinking up interesting home décor ideas and helping clients implement them is what makes him tick. You can catch up with Akshay and his team and indulge in one of their beautiful home décor pieces for your home at Lalco Interiors- Home Decor Stores In Bangalore. 


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