Is your lease up and you are searching for a new apartment? You may have scored a great deal in the home of your dreams. However, moving during these uncertain times can be stressful. This is because of the rise in cases all over the world. With the increase in death rates during the pandemic, the heart beats faster, and we feel doubtful about whether it’s a good decision to move to a new place.

However, moving companies in New York City will take all the necessary precautions to keep you safe from the pandemic. Here are some tips to keep in mind before you plan to navigate from one place to another.

Maintain social distancing

It’s become a lifestyle for us now. However, it’s important you make sure to maintain social distancing during your move. If you’re taking the help of your friends, family, or neighbors, keep that 6-foot distance consistent.

That may sound a little difficult when it comes to uplifting heavyweight items where you need two or more people’s help. Yet, you plan and give your best.

Keep Your Hands Clean

Make sure you clean your hands. You should do this before touching and after touching items that belong to you. You should also clean your hands after touching the items you’ve purchased for your move.

Frequent handwashing is the key during COVID-19. You should wash hand at least 20 seconds. Additionally, keep sanitizing your hands so that the virus does not enter into you.

Wear Your Mask Always

Wearing a face mask is said to help moderate the spread of the COVID-19. Since you’ll probably be burning some calories during your enormous move, consider a cover made of a lighter texture.

You can make your own or discover one on the internet or easily purchase from a medical shop because you will need a lot of them.

Wear Gloves

Wear gloves! With all the hard work you’ll probably be doing, it’s a smart thought regardless of whether we are not in this pandemic. Don’t forget to wash your gloves after each round of your turn.

Particularly on the off chance that you are contacting door handles and things or areas which are commonly touched and used by others, also do remember to avoid touching your face even if you are wearing gloves.

Consider Hiring Full-Service Movers

Try to hire professional and full-service movers if you do not want to do all the things on your own. Consider a moving company as far as possible to limit exposure to COVID-19.

If you choose this route, do remember to get your work done and ask them what safety measures they’re taking to help shield their laborers and customers from the COVID-19.

Ask Movers About Rescheduling Process

If you want to change the plan of the move because you’re not well or your new apartment isn’t prepared at this point, you should research it beforehand. Ask the movers what their arrangement is on rescheduling.

Most will have greater adaptability because of the pandemic situation. In any case, it’s important to understand what their discount, as well as refund policies, are on the occasion you need to reschedule or drop your move.

Likewise, you should try to ask your building manager about their arrangement on remaining longer in your apartment. Some may have effectively tracked down another tenant to have your spot. This means that you will only have the option to stay until your lease ends.

If no other tenant arranged and your new apartment isn’t prepared, you can work out a deal to pay a prorated amount for the number of days you have stayed over the lease.

Practice CDC Protocols During Your Move

Companies are opening back up, but this doesn’t mean COVID-19 is no more. It’s important to keep following CDC protocols to reduce the chance of infection for yourself and the moving team.

The day of the move ensures you don’t shake hands and stay in any event six feet from the movers. Indeed, it very well may be simpler to move all the containers into one room and stay in the other room during the move.

Most movers will likely be wearing gloves. However, on the off chance that they’re not, it’s a smart thought to provide them with hand sanitizer when they show up. You can also request that they wash their hands before they handle your crates.

If you notice that one of the movers looks sick, call the principal office to report them and figure out the next steps. It may also be a normal cold and viral but it’s always important to be safe than be sorry.

Clean Your New Home

Before entering the new place, make sure you clean and sanitize the apartment properly. Then enter, because you never know where and how germs and viruses may harm you and your health, after offloading. Make sure you clean your hands and then touch the items on the side boxes and then sanitize them before placing them in the desired place. Always keep your sanitizer on your doorstep so that you and others use them before entering your house.

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We hope the above-mentioned tips will help you in moving smoothly and safely during COVID-19.

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