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If you love traveling and own a pet, you should not quit your passion and hobby just to take care of your home and pet. You can still travel with your dog and explore the world together. It is a huge decision to make as well as a delicate undertaking to balance. However, you can still achieve your dreams and enjoy every moment of traveling across the world.

Traveling with your furry companion is quite rewarding. Not just for you, but also for them. You need to pack everything you need for your journey, and don’t forget to pamper your pet. Whether you own a Rottweiler or a Yorkie, you need to pack everything from the carrier to waterless dog shampoo. Grooming your pet will not only increase your self-esteem, but also speak a lot about your personality. 

Traveling with Your Dog – Things to Carry

When traveling with your friendly dog, there are rules that you must abide by. For instance, if you are visiting or returning to the UK, there are a number of things to keep in mind.

  1. Your four-legged friend has to be vaccinated against rabies.
  2. You will need a blood test if traveling from an unlisted country.
  3. Your dog has to be micro chipped. This is an effective way that makes it easy to get united with your pet if stolen or lost and,
  4. Don’t forget to bring their passport.

Depending on the means of transport you intend to use, it is wise to read up on policies provided by your transport provider. If you are using a plane, you need to review the airline’s pet policy in advance. There are some airlines that restrict or discourage putting pets in the cargo hold. This is chiefly for travel safety reasons.

Significantly, when traveling with your dog, you need to make a packing list and ensure you bring everything you need on board. Here is a simple guide to follow up;

Leash and harness

You need to bring with you the best dog harness and leash. If you plan on traveling by taxi from one destination to another, always ensure your four-legged friend is buckled with the best harness. Also, use the best leash when walking your dog as you explore new places. You don’t want your pet to be running up and down aimlessly when relaxing on the beach.

Medical records

Unexpected things happen and you need to be prepared while on vacation or touring with your dog. It is wise to bring medical records of your dog. With the advent of better technology, you can upload records on a USB drive or save in your Google drive for easy access. Just like you always carry your prescribed medications, don’t forget to pack your dog’s medications, if there are any as well as flea and worm treatments if you are on a long vacation.

Food and drinks

Your dog needs to eat well to stay healthy and happy throughout the journey. Pack the tasty treats your dog loves, and ensure you carry plenty of fresh water. Don’t forget to pack your dog food and water bowls. You don’t have to spend extra money on your journey when these are easy things to pack and essential to your dog.

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Make sure your dog will still sleep and relax comfortably, even if you are away from home. Bring your dog bed along from home if possible and if it is not bulky. You can also bring with you a dog mat that offers therapeutic support and warmth to your fluffy companion. A crate is also great if you have enough space to carry one from home. Don’t forget to bring your dog’s poop bag. It will not take much space in your backpack.

Grooming gear

You have to groom your dog and keep your accommodations clean and tidy. Be sure to include dog’s brush, nail clippers as well as your puppy’s favorite shampoo on your packing list.


Don’t disappoint your companion by failing to pack their favorite toys. Bring your dog’s tasty bone that will keep it busy and relaxed during your vacation.

The Bottom Line

You have to keep your favorite pet happy all the time. Whether at home or traveling around the world, you have to ensure your dog gets all the necessities you can offer. If you want to experience great moments together, pack everything you can think of and your luggage can accommodate. Make the right plans and decisions, and your journey will be amazing.


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